Types of Welding Helmets and Other Headgear

Welding Helmets and Other Headgear
Welding Helmets and Other Headgear

Do not even think of doing welding without the proper headgear because the most important element that a welder should possess is the helmet. A helmet is like a partner to the welder as it stays with him all the time during work. The helmet never leaves the head as it holds the utmost importance in providing maximum safety and comfort to the user. 

People usually avoid the importance and role of welding helmets in the entire welding process and how much it can affect the workings. Let us look into different types of welding helmets that are essential for everyone. There are options for beginners and also for professionals. 

Types of welding helmets

  • Passive Welding Helmets

Passive welding helmets are the best pick for beginners and items like lincoln Electric Viking 3350. These helmets do not include modern manufacturings, and you will find no peculiar features. However, they are widely used by professionals and experienced welders who have been working for a long period because they are overwhelmed by this helmet’s effectiveness. It is the most affordable helmet you will find in the welding world and provides maximum heat protection from welding along with excellent protection from ultraviolet rays and flying objects.

  • Auto-darkening Welding Helmets

People usually find helmets uncomfortable that require lenses to be continuously adjusted. That is why the auto-darkening welding helmet will win everyone’s heart as it comes with an automated lens. When you are welding any material, the helmet will immediately detect the light emitted and will adjust the lens.

  • Battery-powered Welding Helmets

These welding helmets consist of batteries that require to be recharged or replaced. These helmets provide great advantages in providing better service and reliable safety solutions that keep the welders’ heads comfortable and safe. However, one of the shortcomings of these helmets is that they are very expensive compared to other types of welding helmets.

  • Fixed-shade Lens Welding Helmets

If you are looking for a welding helmet for your particular project, these would be ideal for your job. That is because the fixed-shade helmets come along with lenses that are not changeable. Typically, you will find these helmets having a shade level of 10. That is why people who do regular weldings in their house and want to fix things themselves should look into this type of welding helmet.

  • Variable-shade Lens Welding Helmets

These helmets are the opposite of the fixed-shade lens welding helmets. It means the lens can be changed in accordance with the intensity of light emitted by the welding operations.

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That is why these kinds of helmets are mostly used by welders who have to deal with different kinds of projects that involve distinctive materials. Moreover, these welding helmets can improve the welder’s visibility that affects the welding operations hugely.


Different kinds of welding helmets are available in the market, but the one you will choose must fulfill all of your preferences. It should satisfy all the safety standards, have a tough build-up, be lightweight, and provide a comfortable experience.

Written by Addison Taylor

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