Understanding Orthopaedics and the Types of Orthopedic Procedures   

Understanding Orthopaedics and the Types of Orthopedic Procedures

Both the terms ‘Orthopaedics’ and ‘Orthopedics’ are derived from the french term Orthopédie meaning ‘correct’ or ‘straight’. As the meaning implies, orthopedics was first used to correct or treat spinal deformities like polio or scoliosis in children.

Modern orthopedics has emerged to treat a wide range of deformities and also include all age groups. Hospitals that offer orthopedics treatment would generally diagnose and treat patients with all skeletal deformities.

This includes disorders of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin. These parts of the body make up the musculoskeletal system of a person. A multispeciality and best orthopedics hospital in Bangalore would offer all those types of treatments.

A regular surgeon is someone who handles all types of surgery as necessary, whereas an Orthopedics surgeon is specialized to treat any musculoskeletal issues and is very familiar with the complexity of bones and muscles.

When should you visit an Orthopedic surgeon?

If you feel pain, stiffness, or difficulty in using any parts of the body right from birth or due to any recent accident and you don’t feel any improvement over time, an orthopedic surgeon can help you heal and move without pain-free.

The treatment could be as simple as physical therapy or could be more complex like a full hip or knee replacement depending on your condition and medical state.

Often Orthopedics is teamwork that involves physical therapists and multiple orthopedic surgeons who are specialized in certain parts of the body. Since a physical therapist is also working together, it makes it easy for the surgeon to work with them to help you heal better and get back to normal sooner.

What types of procedures does Orthopedics follow?

Orthopedic doctors suggest a number of procedures based on the condition that they handle. It is not always a surgery, for some conditions are treated with non-surgical procedures. We will further discuss more on the non-surgical and surgical procedures they follow.

Non-surgical Treatments

Conservative treatment is just another term used to refer to these types of treatment where there is no surgery involved. An orthopedic doctor would always focus on non-surgical treatments first before suggesting any surgery.

Some of the non-surgical treatments include:


Some kind of deformities would be possible to correct with some specific exercises. To help improve the flexibility, strength, and motion in that particular area where you feel pain or difficulty, the orthopedic would suggest the right exercise or stretches.


Unlike conditions that could be treated with exercise, there are parts of the body that could heal with immobilization. Preventing stress and strain in that particular area where you feel pain would help you heal. Some of the immobilization techniques include braces, splints, and casts.


Some symptoms like pain and swelling in certain areas can be treated with just medicines suggested by an orthopedic doctor. They would prescribe certain prescription drugs such as anti-inflammatory medicine to treat your condition.

Lifestyle Changes

Your orthopedic doctor would also recommend some lifestyle changes that include changing your activities, diet, and exercise to help you heal from your orthopedic injuries.

Surgical Treatments

It is always difficult when dealing with medical issues especially when the possibility of surgery is mentioned. All surgeries come with a small amount of risk, but most common surgeries have a high success rate. Some of the surgical procedures followed in orthopedics are:

ACL Reconstruction surgery

An anterior cruciate ligament is one of the major ligaments that is located diagonally in the front of your knees. This ligament provides stability to rotate your legs.

The surgery takes place as the surgeon takes a portion of a tendon from another part and uses it as a graft to replace and correct the torn ACL.

Knee Replacement Surgery

As a result of trauma, obesity, or repetitive movements you might feel pain and difficulty in the movement of the knee. This is due to Cadillac damage in the knee and depending on the severity you might need a partial or full knee replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement Surgery

The pelvis is connected to the thigh bone known as the femur like a ball and socket joint. The femoral head, the top portion of the femur is the ball portion, and the pelvis acts as the socket portion. These two parts fit together nicely to make the joint move smoothly.

In case of any informality in this area, would require to replace either only the damaged part of the joint or the whole ball and joint socket depending on the injury.

To conclude, An orthopedic doctor would help you diagnose, treat, and heal from the difficulties you face in any part of the bones and muscles in your body.

Orthopedic doctors from the best orthopedics hospital in Bangalore would also suggest rehabilitation to prevent the symptoms of any existing condition from getting worse.

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