Unethical SEO Strategies that You Must Avoid Implementing

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SEO marketing is the most effective way of marketing online to promote one’s business and generate revenue. However, even within SEO strategies, some tactics should be implemented while others should not. For example, certain SEO services implement fraudulent practices to cheat the search engine’s system. 

Knowing the difference between the two and what is ethical in the SEO world is very important. Hence hiring the right kind of SEO services Perth can be a game-changer. This article will help highlight unethical SEO strategies that you must avoid implementing.

Black hat tactics:

Google is the most popular search engine globally, and data suggests that in the year 2021, it generated 70% of all the global desktop search traffic. Improving business ranking on Google is the ultimate goal of SEO strategies. However, this can be done in two ways, using white hat tactics or black hat techniques.

Black hat tactics are those unethical techniques used to boost the ranking of a website that directly contradict Google’s guidelines. However, if one has used white hat SEO strategies, then they have closely adhered to the guidelines and have no reason to worry. 

However, using black hat SEO services implies that any time Google announces improvements in their software, it could mean that the unethical tactic used to dupe the system could be discovered. Once discovered, a website’s reputation can depreciate greatly, and Google may also completely ban the web page.

Listed below are a few unethical SEO strategies that a business should not implement. 

  • Invisible writing:

Among the oldest tricks in the book, many website owners invert some keywords into their content in a hidden manner. This is done by matching the colour of the font to the colour of the page’s background in the hopes that a reader will not see it, and a search engine will use it to rank the site higher. 

Although this trick used to work a while ago, Google’s new algorithms easily detect such fraudulent behaviour and accordingly rate your website lower because of it. Using these methods can blacklist your website.

  • Duplication:

Many content developers reuse the content posted on other websites and copy-paste it onto their page. This form of plagiarising articles does not lead to greater website traffic or a higher ranking on the results page. Google prioritises content that is fresh and unique, and hence merely stealing content from somewhere else will result in a lower ranking within the system.

  • Content spinning:

Many web developers, instead of plagiarising, simply use software to reword already existing articles. Changing a few words here and there or using synonyms for other words does not help because the result is often jumbled words. Google’s software is quick to recognise incomprehensible language that simply rephrases pre-existing content, and hence such a website automatically receives a low ranking. 

  • Fraudulent Backlinks:

Many web developers create websites or pay other shady websites to create links for them which can be traced back to them to give Google the impression that they are a trustworthy source of information. However, Google’s software is quick to detect such fraudulent backlinks. Therefore, hiring good SEO services in Perth is advisable if one genuinely wants to grow their business without using such unethical means.

When you are hiring SEO services, make sure the service provider uses only legitimate methods to implement SEO strategies. In the greed of ranking your website faster, using illegal SEO practices will cause more damage than good to your website. 


Certain SEO services suggest implementing the unethical practices listed above. Hiring such agencies should not be done, and hence finding reliable SEO services in Perth is essential.

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