Unlocking MacBook M2 with Apple Watch Easily in Just 30 Seconds

Are you a MacBook user and want to unlock your MacBook M2 with Apple Watch for optimal learning and working? Refer to the quick and simple guide below that only takes 30 seconds.

1. 7 Conditions to Unlock MacBook M2 with Apple Watch

The automatic unlock feature for MacBook on Apple Watch was developed to make it more convenient for users of these two devices. However, to use this feature, both devices must meet the following 7 conditions:

  • Both devices must support the Unlock function for MacBooks and Apple Watches manufactured from mid-2013 and 2015 onwards.
  • Both devices should be updated with software that meets the conditions to use Unlock. Note, for Apple Watch Series 0,1,2,3, it should run on at least WatchOS 3, and MacBooks should run MacOS Sierra or later.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and Wifi on both MacBook and Apple Watch devices.
  • Sign in with the same iCloud and Apple ID on both devices.
  • Set up device unlock code > Turn on the Auto Unlock feature on both devices.


  • You must wear the Apple Watch on your wrist when unlocking the MacBook. Otherwise, the two devices won’t connect.
  • The method is the same for both MacBook Air M2 2022 and MacBook Pro M2.

Wear the Apple Watch on your wrist to unlock the MacBook

2. 3 Steps to Activate MacBook M2 Unlock with Apple Watch

Here are the steps to activate unlocking the MacBook with Apple Watch in just 5 minutes:

Step 1: Activate two-factor authentication for the iCloud account

iCloud helps you sign in and use Apple services. Users can activate two-factor authentication for iCloud using iPhone, MacBook, or through For the iPhone: Go to Settings > Tap your name > Choose Password & Security > Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

Note: Newer iOS versions will automatically activate two-factor authentication. Therefore, you won’t need manual operations to activate two-factor authentication for iCloud.

You can quickly enable two-factor authentication on iPhone, Mac, or Apple’s dedicated website

Step 2: Enable auto-unlock on both devices

To enable auto-unlock, perform the following: Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences > Log-in Password > Select Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac.

Note: If you have multiple Apple Watches, you can select which device to link to the MacBook at this step.

Turn on the setting for your Apple Watch on your Mac

Step 3: Activate MacBook unlock in the System

Afterwards, you need to activate MacBook M2 Pro/MacBook Air M2 unlocking in the System by following these specific steps:

Once you’ve activated Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac, a small panel will appear > Enter the MacBook’s password in the Password field > Choose Unlock. 

Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to enter your password automatically

3. How to Approve MacBook Unlock with Apple Watch

To use the Unlock feature, ensure the Mac is turned on. The Mac won’t auto-unlock if it detects the Apple Watch is not on the wrist or is locked. Then, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Turn on the Mac and press any key on the screen to awaken it.
  • Step 2: The Mac will then automatically prompt you for the password and send an alert to the Apple Watch.
  • Step 3: Double press the side button on the Apple Watch to authenticate. The pop-up window on the Mac will disappear once the Apple Watch approves the administrator password request successfully.

Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to unlock your MacBook.

Note: Currently, unlocking MacBook with Apple Watch can only be executed under specific conditions:

  • Unlocking the MacBook screen: Turn on the Mac > Password notification will be sent to Apple Watch > Double press the side button to unlock the screen.
  • Adjusting system settings or system options: With the Apple Watch, you can open the Mac’s System Preferences and adjust as desired. However, this is limited to some basic settings.
  • Viewing iCloud keychain passwords on Safari: If you can’t recall a past user’s password, you can unlock directly with the Apple Watch to reset the iCloud keychain on Safari.
  • Approving app settings: If you wish to install any direct app on the MacBook, you can use the auto-unlock feature on the Apple Watch to approve the app installation.
  • Unlocking notes: You can use the auto-unlock feature to change or reset the password for locked notes on the MacBook.

You can unlock your MacBook without a password using your Apple Watch on your wrist

With this feature, unlocking your MacBook without a password becomes effortless with the Apple Watch on your wrist. This article introduced a simple and quick way to unlock the MacBook with Apple Watch. This new feature allows users to use the MacBook safely and conveniently, even if they forget their password.

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