Using an Electric Smoker in Rainy Weather

Electric Smoker

As electric smokers are on the rise, one needs to know about suitable weather conditions to properly operate them. Many appliances are unable to work in rainy weather conditions. This is not the case with most electric smokers as they are made to withstand harsh weather conditions still, that’s not make them waterproof. The electric smoker can malfunction if it is continuously exposed to water. It is important to properly cover the equipment to prevent water damage.

Knowing that water can damage and cause the malfunctioning of electric smokers, what needs to be done to keep your equipment protected? How the climate will affect the working of the electric smoker and where it will be able to function perfectly? These are some questions that arise in our minds. Let’s try to answer a few of those as under….

Light Rain and Basic Spills

A smoker especially an electric smoker with Bluetooth is partially susceptible to rain. These protections protect your equipment to a certain extent like protection against water seeping into the wires and controls. The best option for you is to prevent any water contact with the smoker. Small spills can cause only a little damage but your electric smoker will remain in working condition. Sometimes, even the smallest amount of water can cause to stop working altogether. The effectiveness of your electric smoker will be impacted by consistent rainfall.

Waterproof Coverage

The first step to make your smoker protected from water damage is to have waterproof coverage. When you are not using it, you can place the cover on and protect it from harsh weather conditions. Even when you want to store your equipment, it is better to be properly covered to prevent any storage damage. You can find these covers easily in the market with different degrees of water resistance. You can look at the products online as well and look at the reviews as well to check either a covers works well or not. As waterlogging your smoker is important, the protection material is not difficult to find. Remember, it is your priority to keep your equipment from harm. Take to time to assess your all possible options before deciding on the best protection for it.

Relocation of Your Electric Smoker

There are some places for bettering storing and placement of electric smokers. We know, sometimes it is difficult to find a proper place to store it. The drier the storing location is, the safer your electric smoker is. Keep it away from the edge of the roof where rainfall and snowmelt could drain onto it. Some electric smoker owners have opted to store the equipment in a shed or a garage area for keeping it dry. If there is no location to store the smoker indoors then it is evident to have a waterproof cover for it. Consider moving your barbecue to an area that receives the least amount of humidity. You can also place your equipment underneath the roof if it has a large enough overhang.

Exposing of Electric Smoker Box

There is an epoxy resin coating over your smoker’s electric box. It should have gaskets to resist any water that ends up its way. These resins and gaskets will protect the electric box from water but not entirely. A wire exposure in your electric box can make all the difference in keeping your smoker safe. You need to find answers to some questions like does it have a good epoxy resin coating, are the gaskets capable of keeping the water away from wires, etc. The answer to these questions is of extreme importance, especially in the rainy season.

Climate to Watch For

Dry weather means no issues for your electric smoker. The optimal months to get the best out of your smoker is during dry weather as, during this time, the water damage will be a minimal concern. Throughout the dry weather, keep looking at weather forecasts to notice any shifting weather patterns. Remember, heavy rainfall can still occur in dry conditions. If you find that a rainstorm is on its way, then consider pulling out your waterproof cover and getting your smoker covered up. It is a default to cover up the smoker every time if you are living somewhere with humid and rainy weather conditions. Only take the cover off when the smoker is in use to make sure you don’t accidentally expose it to more moisture than it can handle.


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