Using Online Learning Platforms? Here are 5 to Try!

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Trying online learning platforms? Maybe you are.

With a stay-at-home lifestyle of COVID, there’s little to do other than work or expand on your current skillsets.

However, if you’re expanding your skills, then you need experts. You need to get their expertise from a remote source and fast. Plus, you need educational platforms that are trusted to begin with.

Below, we have a nice compilation of websites you can try. They include experts in different fields and even professors from top universities!

But first…

Why Try Them?

If not to improve, then it’s for the low-cost experience.

Many platforms we’re mentioning have free access plans and paid ones too. You can visit their sites to learn more!

#1 – Coursera

This is one of the world’s top online learning platforms. It brings worldwide courses, and from some of the best education providers.

Throughout the years, Coursera has grown fast and currently is the top-standard of MOOC education.

What is MOOC?

MOOC is short for Massive Open Online Courses. It refers to e-learning platforms that offer online education to all who wish to sign up.

More on Coursera

The platform’s partnered with many of the world’s top universities. They include Duke, Stanford, Princeton, Penn, Michigan, and HEC Paris.

Top companies have also partnered with the platform. They include Google, PwC, and IBM.

Currently, the platform has 190 partners throughout 48 countries and is supported by many large-name investors, including:

  • New Enterprise Associates
  • SEEK Group
  • Learn Capital
  • Kleiner Perkins

Course fees are charged on an individual basis, usually upfront – though monetary aid is available for qualified learners.

#2 – Udacity

This for-profit platform specializes in job training. Udacity provides micro-credentials called “nano degrees,” focusing on wanted skills in tech fields.

Those fields range from self-driving vehicles and AI to robotics. Whatever tech trend becomes popular for consumers usually has demand on this platform.

Business customers of this platform have been large names. They include Shell, Mazda, Cisco, and Accenture. Curriculum partners exist and include Twitter, Google, Amazon, Bosch, BMW, and GitHub.

200+ courses are available for free on the platform. As for nano degrees, those range from $200 to $2400 monthly depending on the course.

#3 – Skillshare

This online platform is beneficial to teachers and students. It offers 1000s of courses in multiple fields, which include gaming, writing, cooking, music, fashion, film, photography, and even business plus marketing.

Classes are easily made by instructors with guidelines offered on-platform.

Fees are low here. Skill hare has multiple packages, starting at $8 per month.

#4 – edX

This MOOC platform offers college-level courses.

Over 120 educational institutions have partnered with the site, including MIT, Harvard, Delft, Berkeley, Sorbonne, and RWTH.

5 different forms of programs are offered on the platform. They include:

  • XSeries Program
  • Global Freshmen Academy
  • Professional Certificates
  • MicroMasters Program

Each program covers skill development for leisure reasons. They meet the demands of both introspective learners and the general job market!

An unverified course is free on edX. Verified courses cost $50 to $300.

#5 – Udemy

This online platform gives users the opportunity to develop and explore both hobbies and careers. Its courses include web development, public speaking, and much more.

Many large companies use the platform. They include General Mills, Addidas, Lyft, and

The website offers exceptional instructor support. It allows easy creation, promotion, and sharing of content. It uses email campaigns, external promotion tools, and re-targeting ads systems.

Fees aren’t too high. Free trials are available, with courses beginning at $13. Business plans cost $360/year for users.

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