VR reality in gambling

Virtual reality technology is gaining popularity in gambling. According to some analysts, gambling bets using VR reality will be worth more than €500 million by 2023. VR can be used in the development of slot machines or to play poker, blackjack and other card games with other players. The potential of this technology is great, but first, let’s take a look at its mechanics and advantages over conventional slot machines.

A prime example of where virtual reality comes in handy would be bingo. This is a table game where users cross out numbers randomly drawn from a lotto machine on a coupon. The game is popular in the UK, where many land-based clubs can be found. Online players are better off using bingo sites not on gamstop. Users have no deposit and betting limits and there is also no self-exclusion feature.

You can enjoy your first virtual reality slot machine experience at This is a licensed online institution that offers visitors different types of entertainment, ranging from classic one-armed bandits to 3D reality simulators. Visitors receive a welcome bonus for registering an account, and further promotions only increase, adding multipliers on deposits and freespins on slot machines. The site offers secure payment systems with no fees, instant payouts and simplified registration.

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) – immerses participants, using special glasses and controllers, in a digital world where they can interact with objects and other players. The technology is used to create three-dimensional worlds in games, videos or to create panoramic videos. There are many varieties of VR glasses and computer games where you can immerse yourself in virtual reality, take on the role of the protagonist and follow a fascinating story. In gambling, virtual technology allows you to experience the sensation of being in a real casino, a poker room.

VR in gaming

VR technology allows players to put on glasses and be instantly inside the gambling establishment. No need to go anywhere to play poker with friends or spin the reels on a slot machine. You can use the controllers to interact with the items inside the game, spin the reels by pulling a lever or pick up cards. Virtual Reality allows players to experience:

  • Full immersion in the atmosphere;
  • new emotions in the game;
  • ability to communicate with other players;
  • a closer approximation to realism.

By adding new technology to the site, the casino administration gets an interested player who is willing to return, to bet on slot machines with modern graphics.

Examples of successful VR use in gambling

The first VR casino is believed to be SlotsMillion, launched in 2015. It is a fully virtual casino that can be visited through the use of VR glasses. The visitor will find themselves inside a digital room, which can be explored, view the view from the window and play more than 40 slot machines with the most realistic graphics possible. The platform supports the connection of up to 20 players at one table, so games can be played with friends. Renowned developer Microgaming has used VR to create roulette, which works with Google Glass technology. Developers Net Entertainment, Lucky VR and others are also working on projects in the world of virtual reality gambling.

Virtual reality in poker

The virtual reality poker format emerged a few years ago. The technology isn’t perfect, but it allows multiple players to join the same table. Illuminated silhouettes with avatars or 3D character skins are used instead of their figures. Interaction with the cards is done using hands and controllers. Players can fetch cards, swap them around in their hand or place them on the table. In the future, VR allows players to see their opponent’s real face and emotions during the game.

The future of virtual reality

Virtual reality technology is in demand among gamers because it allows for a tactile experience, an insider’s view of the game, and the experience of real emotion from the gameplay. New games are improved every year, and accessories are becoming more accessible to a wide range of users. In the future, there are plans to bring 3D glasses to users in real rooms while they are in their own homes.

VR is a trending technology that has been successfully used since 2019 in both computer gaming and gambling. Poker Stars has developed its own unique game using Oculus Rift glasses. Going forward, card games will become a very popular genre in virtual reality. Players will be able to play with each other, interact and see not only the avatars, but also the real emotions of their opponents.


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