Paintings to Photos: Wall Art Ideas For Homeowners

Are you moving into a new home or looking to spruce up an existing space? Sometimes a design magazine can help you be inspired to give a drab room a new life. 

Framed prints, posters, photos, and other two-dimensional wall art ideas are what most people think of when it comes to home decor. There are so many more amazing wall art ideas to choose from.

For example, nature lovers might want to hang scenic paintings or prints. Someone who loves their family might want to consider family photo collages that include their adult children and their families. 

If you’re looking for a few more things to put on your walls, check out these wall decoration ideas. Show off your personality with these decor ideas.

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Black & White Wall Art Ideas

Living room wall art is often the signature statement for a home. We often see black & white art for the home as the backdrop of stark white walls and accents in neutral colors. Today, entire rooms are in bold, lively colors. 

The great thing about black and white photography is it goes well with any color room. The best part is you don’t need to spend countless hours shopping for artwork.

The simplest and most unique way to create a black-and-white photography collection is to use existing photographs. Skim through family photos and find some of your favorites to frame. You can take color photos and reprint them in black and white in the preferred sizes.

If you’d prefer, shop this fine art site for inspiration. 

Decor Ideas With Fabrics

Have you ever visited a fabric store and encountered a beautiful piece of fabric? Your first thought is what you can make with this fabric…a blouse, a dress, a skirt, etc.

When it comes to art for the home, fabrics make beautiful wall decor. There are different ways to hang fabric. Use picture frames of any size, design, and color.

Another option is to attach it to a canvas and forgo the frame. Or use any size curtain pole adorned with decorative hardware to display the fabric like any size tapestry.

Home Office Inspiration

Home decor is whatever you want it to reflect. With so many people working from home post-pandemic, creating a workspace you love is essential. For this wall art idea, use your favorite inspirational quote.

Using 3D letters of any size, write out your favorite quote. If your quote is wordy, print it on white paper or use decorative peel & stick letters.  

Align the quote near or around a picture, painting, or sculpture. It’s also an added touch over a bookcase or short cabinet. 

Are You Feeling Inspired?

Figuring out the best wall art ideas for your home is about style and wall space. You need to consider the size of your room, furniture, and what you want your wall art to look like.

Are you feeling inspired? We hope you are and will also find inspiration in our other articles for the home. 

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