Water Purifier: Steps To Follow For Maintenance

What to Check before Buying a Water Purifier? Price or Future!

We all know that a water purifier is the most necessary thing nowadays. Water saves lives, and that is known to all. But drinking water with impurities can affect our lives. So experts always recommend drinking purified water only. But, unfortunately, India now has become a country where regular tap water has contaminants within it. This can harm us badly. But drinking purified water will save us from various water-borne diseases.

So, it is advisable to drink purified water only. Water purifier provides us safe water to drink. And it is understood that you need to maintain the water purifier to get the service for a longer period. In this article, we shall briefly discuss how you can maintain your water purifier.

Importance Of Having A Water Purifier

  • The importance of having a water purifier in your house is undeniable. A water purifier removes all the contaminants that your tap water carries. The municipal water supply has dirt, dust, virus, bacteria, harmful chemicals, and other contaminants. But the purifier strains out all the germs and contaminants from your regular tap water and offers you safe water to drink
  • Moreover, by drinking pure water, you can well maintain the function of your heart, kidneys. Microorganisms and harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, etc., can affect your heart and kidney.  And purified water can aid you in keeping your heart and kidneys well
  • Apart from taking care of the heart and kidneys, purified water can help you with digestive problems. A lot of people suffer from indigestion. But filtered water can cure your digestive disease and make the appetite for having more food as you can digest it properly
  • Purified water can be a protector for your eyes. Doctors recommend cleaning eyes with purified water so that you can avoid any eye disease. Additionally, purified water can make your skin, hair smooth, glossy, and nourished. So to have a good hair day every day drink an adequate amount of purified water daily
  • Drinking pureed water will ensure additional safety in your life. The municipally provided water of your area contains contaminants, pesticides within it which affects your health directly. Therefore, using a water purifier adds an extra layer of security to your daily lifestyle
  • Removing the physical, biological, radiological, chemical contaminants makes your water tastier and keeps you healthy. When the water carries contaminants within it, it makes the water taste bad, and an unpleasant odor can be found on it. So purified water dissolves all the contaminants, bacteria, viruses, dirt, dust from the regular tap water. It makes the water tasty and odor-free so that you can enjoy having fresh water
  • Additionally, to drink pure water is to be healthy and fit throughout the day. Also, you can avoid visiting doctors by drinking pure water and can avoid the huge medical cost
  • As most of the households have the facilities of water purifiers, plastic bottle usage has been reduced. Therefore, drinking pureed water or maintaining the purifier is affordable as well.

Maintaining Your Water Purifier

Maintaining your water purifier is much needed nowadays to ensure its longevity. If you want your water purifier to work properly or work for a longer period, then do service your machine regularly. Changing and cleaning the parts of the filter is beneficial for you and the machine to function appropriately; however, the. The lack of maintenance can disrupt the water filtration process. And may not remove all the contaminants from the water properly, and you may end up drinking unsafe water. So to save the lives of you and your family, service the purifier periodically. In this regard, you can call the water purifier service Delhi, and they will provide you with all the necessary servicing.

Cleaning And Changing Of The Filters

Changing and cleaning the parts of your water purifier is required. If you use a RO water purifier, then the pre-filtration and post-filtration processes should be taken care of. The sediment filter, the carbon filter, and the RO membrane filter should be changed 6-7 months a year or once a year. Moreover, the RO tank is to be cleaned and sanitized once a year for the better performance of the machine. The RO service Delhi will help you out with the service.

Well, if you have a UV water purifier, then this is also necessary.  Replacing the UV lamp and cleaning the quartz sleeve of the UV purifier is required once a year. Further, the pre-filters should be changed. Finally, clean your UV water tank with the filters for the best result and monitor the performance.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost for the two water purifiers- RO and UV are affordable. Both these purifier companies provide annual maintenance contracts (AMC), which makes the servicing easier. Kent RO  service Delhi is always ready to service your RO purifier.

Ending Note

Access to pure water is needed to stay healthy, fit, and energetic in today’s world. And be it RO or UV, maintaining both purifiers is quite affordable. So without wasting time, buy one as per your requirement and enjoy the bliss of drinking fresh and pure water.

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