Website V/S Mobile Apps: Which One Should Be Preferred?

Mobile Apps vs. Web App
Mobile Apps vs. Web App

If we were to ask you a simple question like ‘What is your mode of using the biggest e-commerce website, Amazon’?

You’d likely say ‘We prefer Amazon’s mobile app as it’s faster, more lucrative, and much easier to use when compared to a website.

This holds for any of the companies that cater to both distribution channels for their products vis-a-vis, a website and a mobile app.

So, what makes a mobile app superior in comparison to a good old website? Well! We can give you plenty of reasons but for now, we’ll stick to only five.

Fast, Robust, and Efficient

Mobile apps are much faster as compared to a website due to several reasons.

The first and foremost being that while the mobile app stores its associated app data locally on the device itself, the website uses web servers. Meaning that the mobile will be able to access their data much faster as compared to a website and hence reduce the overall loading time.

Additionally, mobile apps use technologies such as Redux Framework, Xamarin, and others which makes the website five times faster and secure as compared to JavaScript, which is used by the website for their overall functions.

Higher Retention Rate and Brand Awareness

It’s a rare occurrence that you’d ever delete an app from your phone unless you’re onto cleaning or resetting your device.

This is because sometimes we install apps that we do not have a use for but they make a permanent space in our app drawer.

Now, what happens here is that we get used to seeing the app icon, which is usually the logo and even though we’re not interacting with the app, we’re still getting aware of the brand daily. Which is free branding activity for the company that hosts the app, right?

Moreover, due to the much higher efficiency of the mobile apps as compared to the website, the users are more likely to engage more with the app and this results in a higher retention rate. The more they interact the more chances you have of selling your service or product.

Push Notifications

Companies that bank their business on mobile apps such as Zomato have fully captured the essence of push notifications. Don’t you say that you’ve never been intrigued by Zomato’s push notification campaign which eventually forces you to open their app? We bet you’ve also been trapped by their phenomenal strategy.

Nowadays you can indeed get push notifications for websites as well using your scripts or by the use of popular tools such as OneSignal. But it’s not even readily comparable to the power of notification access that mobile apps have.

Offline Access

You don’t need the internet to access mobile apps. Now, for apps that are selling products or services then the internet is required but even then some of the options are wide open.

If we’re to take an example, Splitwise is an app that lets you share bills with others. Now, it’s a fully collaborative platform where everyone gets to see the splitting with the help of a shared database over the internet.

But you can use it offline too in case you don’t have access to the internet and save the split amount inside the app. The only difference here will be, later on, when the internet is back, the database gets updated and every user gets to see the updated record.

By now you must know ‘How Great Mobile Apps Are’ but you know what goes behind in the making of such an app that brings your business, customers, and higher ROI’s?

The simple answer would be the efforts of a Mobile App Developer that works day and night to turn visions into reality.

So, after making up your mind to get a ‘Mobile App’, the second most prioritized task is to select the best-suited mobile app developer for your business.

TechAhead is a mobile app development company that serves in the same niche and has worked with clients like Audi, AXA, Disney, and more. This is why they are more capable to deliver the end product that you would want.

You can take a look at their portfolio or their award gallery which is filled with prestigious awards for the top app development agencies from Clutch, Good Firms, IT Firms, and more.

At this point, we think that you’re more than capable of making an educated choice for the betterment of your business. You do, right?

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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