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Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration that brings families together. There should be lots of fun, love and celebration at weddings and sangeets because that’s what makes these events memorable.

Sangeet night is specially planned with lots of songs, dance, fun activities which brings everyone together. Make your sangeet night filled with memories by incorporating these ideas and concepts.

  1. Request your choice of song to be played

Is it not true that everyone has their favourite song and when it is played and danced amongst loved ones, the memories remain fresh for us. So make arrangements to play some favourite songs of guests and family on the sangeet night.

  1. Play some reels of songs and fun clips of family

Mixing some special songs and fun clips of the family whether, from childhood, vacation or celebrating and playing them at the beginning of Sangeet makes it even more special.

  1. Arranging some bite-size food and drinks

Arranging some bite-size snacks which are both healthy and fun along with some drinks of your choice is a good way to refresh the guests on sangeet night!.

  1. Having a theme Sangeet

Themes make the occasion even more special and memorable. For instance, if you like ethnic go for an ethnic theme in dressing, guest dressing, food, songs, dance etc.

  1. Arrange some spots to click pics

Everyone is well dressed and so they want to have some pics clicked. Arrange some spots to have some pics clicked so that everyone has their share of fun and memories.

  1. Play some games

Whether it is dumbsharas, acting to a word in chit…everything is fun in Sangeet. Try to incorporate some fun games so that everyone can involved!.

  1. Invite an artist to your Sangeet

Incite an artist whether it is a singer, DJ, a professional comedian etc. to your sangeet to make it even more special. No worries, you can book artists online from where you can find artists in many categories.

  1. Have some family members blow whistles

Cheering up is essential in celebrations, dance performances etc. and having some energetic family members whistle for songs and dance performances can make the event even more special

  1. Flash mob

All of a sudden if a group enters with dollars and energetic songs, the environment becomes even more energetic. Plan a flash mob with friends and family to make the event memorable.

  1. Couple dance

Make sure the couples dance for a minute or two while everyone is cheering for them. This makes everyone feel special and involved.

  1. Make an entry with style

It’s not only bride and bridegroom, make sure that everyone enters the dance floor with style. Give them a choice to come on a bike, cycle etc. to the dance floor.

  1. Karaoke

Many guests and family members might want to sing instead of dance. Why not, that’s fun too. Arrange a karaoke so that whoever is interested can sing songs of their choice.

  1. Involving elders of the family

Whether it is grandparents, parents or an elderly couple…try to involve everyone and make them feel special. The power of their blessings is going to work like magic for the couple!.

  1. Enacting some favourite movie scenes

Rehearse to enact some of four favourite movie clips with friends and family. This is fun and makes the Sangeet night even more special.

  1. Fashion show

Yes, all. the women and men would be well dressed, why not make every one of them walk on a ramp and model to bring out the celebrities in them.

  1. Especially for kids

Kids have high energy and making them dance together can energise the environment. Having some special dances only for kids can make the event even more special.

  1. Requesting the guests for a dress change

It’s fun to have pics taken in as many attire as possible. If possible, it’s a good idea to request guests to change their attires during Sangeet to make it even special.

  1. Decorate based on your choice

Everyone has their own choice of decoration…some like lots of flowers, some like decorating with lots of pics, while some to decorate with brass decors…whatever it is, choose your decoration theme and incorporate it.

Make the Sangeet night an event of your lifetime by incorporating these wedding sangeet ideas and concepts. You can customize the concepts and Sangeet ideas and concepts based on your choices and interests.




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