What are Matrix Questions used for?

In these days of social media, almost every person spends most of their time browsing the Internet. In this article, we are writing about a review tool that is used to capture responses about your business or any specific product. We can say that this reviewing tool “Matrix Question” measures the extent up to which the respondents are satisfied or dissatisfied, the level of acceptance and repudiations.

What are matrix questions?

Matrix questions are the form of multiple-choice questions in the form of survey questions that are used to capture the responses of the audience. Matrix questions come in the form of rows and columns in which the rows show the questions and the columns show the preferences. For each different question in the rows, the preferences present in the column remains the same. 

What are matrix questions used for?

Matrix questions are used to gather feedback from the audience or the customers( preferably from the customers making purchases). Matrix questions are best utilized as a way to inquire a few questions approximately a comparable thought when there’s a scale included. A matrix address is additionally utilized to distinguish what is most and slightest critical and wanted by the customers from a list of qualities given within the survey.

Or in simple words, we can say that they are a reviewing tool. 

What is the purpose of the matrix question?

The result gathered from the survey templates is then analyzed and the section or the portion with the least satisfied responses is improved and worked on for refinement. As it is said that a customer is always right so with the help of matrix questions the owners worked in the specifications that customers rank the least. We can prove it with the help of few examples like 

In case of hotel management

  • How the travelers stay was at the hotel 
  • Was the further comfortable

In case of airline to inquire the respondent about their experiences on the flight 

  • Flight experience 
  • About meal
  • About staff
  • About management 

So the questions asked in the rows are different but the preferences given in the columns are always the same. The most selected preferred option regarding each particular question is then considered as an answer. If the answer from the result is not satisfactory then the particular area is considered inefficient and worked on. 

Uses of matrix questions

  • Matrix questions are used as a reviewing tool
  • Matrix questions are used to gather responses
  • Matrix questions are used in competitive analysis surveys to better understand how a product or brand is measuring up against competitive offerings. 
  • Matrix questions are utilized to inquire a few questions about a comparative thought.
  • Matrix questions are used to inquire about customers experience
  • Matrix questions are used to inquire about how much extent a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied.
  • Matrix questions are used as a betterment tool.

Pros of matrix questions

  • Comes in an understandable format
  • Saves space
  • Economical
  • Easy to form
  • Shows result in few seconds
  • Time-saving
  • Improve efficiency
  • A tool to analyze working
  • Rank preferences
  • Helps to become more customer-oriented
  • No legal formality in the formation.
  • Gathers multiple responses 
  •  Quick and easy way 


  • Sometimes the result is not authentic 
  • the responses may come in the form of a certain pattern 
  • Respondents may fill them unconsciously
  • Does not bring the desired result
  • Lack of responses 
  • Confusing

At the end, we would like to conclude that the digital form of matrix questions gathers results in no time and bring the desired results if fulfilled correctly. We hope that this information serves you the best and helps you to form your Matrix question.

Written by Crystal Rae

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