What are smart contracts?

smart contract

The smart contract development has been one of the most prominent keywords for the enterprises, entrepreneurs, as well as the business owners alike. More and more people have been using the smart contract development as the solution in their transactions because it offers the speed, security, as well as transparency of the information without the intervention of the brokerage or middlemen.

If you are about to utilize the smart contracts in your business activities, you will want to know about this topic from the basic one.

Smart contracts defined

Here is where the smart contracts are explained. It can be defined as the programs residing on a blockchain which will execute some actions when the pre-defined conditions are met.

The smart contract integration is mostly used for automation of the agreement execution so that all of the users or involved parties will have peace of mind about the outcome’s accuracy. There will be no delays and loopholes when the actions are done.

As we know in the traditional transactions systems, the human intermediaries are responsible for all of them. But we also know the risks of human errors could happen, resulting in the delays of the actions, or big failures. If you want to thrive and stay competitive in the global market, smart contracts mean a lot for your business. Without the intermediary’s intervention, there will be no errors or time loss. The workflow will run automatically when certain conditions are met.

How smart contracts work

It is pretty simple and straightforward to understand the basics of the smart contract. As mentioned, particular actions will get executed when the certain conditions are met. So, if A is done, then…


That is the easiest way to comprehend the workflow of the smart contract cryptocurrency list. The agreements are written into code by the INC4 developers and put into the blockchain.

In this case, the network of resources will automatically execute the actions as long as the terms are met.

There are a lot of actions that can be dictated in the blockchain environment. It could revolve around the funds releases, ownership registration, assets movements, and so on. After finishing the transactions, the blockchain will then update the information that is irreversible. The information of the transaction is also transparent. So, there is no way that the irresponsible third party could tamper the data and information.

There is a need to build solid terms at first. It is possible that all of the parties do some annulations before achieving the final results of the predetermined conditions.

After finishing the agreements, the developers will then write them down in the smart contract.

Benefits of smart contracts

There are many developers whom you can find on the net who are ready to help you with the creation of the crypto smart contracts and other types of does not matter about which industry you are doing right now. There will be times when you need the automatic and transparent solution from it. Here are the obvious benefits of using smart contract development in your project or business.

When a condition is satisfied, the contract takes effect instantly. Smart contracts reduce the need for paper-based processes because they are digital and automated. They also reduce the need to spend time correcting errors that occur when filling out forms by hand.

There is no reason to think that information has been altered for personal gain in the absence of a third party, because encrypted records of transactions are shared among participants.

Anyone attempting to access the blockchain’s transaction records will be detected since they are encrypted. Because each item on a distributed ledger is linked to the one before it, hackers would have to change the entire chain to change a single record.

As a result, smart contracts eliminate the time and costs associated with middlemen by executing transactions without them.

Applications of smart contracts

In order to decrease delays in the delivery of vital medications, Sonoco and IBM have teamed up to make the supply chain more transparent. In order to provide dependable, trustworthy, and accurate data to multiple stakeholders in real time, the Pharma Portal is powered by IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply, a blockchain-based system that tracks temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals along the supply chain.

Smart contracts on the blockchain are being used by Home Depot to handle vendor disputes quickly and cheaply. Their relationships with suppliers are getting stronger as a result of better insight into the supply chain and better communication in real time. With greater time to focus on critical activities, individuals might come up with new ideas or inventions.

Businesses who use IBM Blockchain’s trade finance network help build a global trade ecosystem built on trust. In order to reduce friction and risk, employs standard rules and simplified trading options, while also improving business processes for both participating businesses and financial institutions.

Related Solutions

The supply chain includes the movement of products from raw materials to finished goods and everything in between throughout their lifecycle. Throughout the supply chain, smart contracts document product ownership, verifying who is liable for what at any given time as a result. Smart contracts become a reality for everyone when everything from producers to warehouses to manufacturers to suppliers is tracked via the Internet of Things (IoT). It makes it possible to check the quality of goods and products all the way from the manufacturer to the end user.

Large hurdles stand in the way of companies exchanging goods and services across national borders. To execute an overseas transaction, at least three banks are involved, including the recipient’s bank, the sender’s bank, and the correspondent bank. If something goes wrong at any of these banks, the payment will be delayed or rejected. When a blockchain-based smart contract’s execution is validated in a safe and transparent manner, payments are automatically dispersed.

There are still many examples where folks can use the smart contracts to ease their transactions process. It is a matter of time until everything can be unleashed. Therefore, it is much better to be prepared from now on.

Written by Enaa Mari

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