What are socio-demographics surveys? How can you use them?

What are socio-demographics surveys

Socio-demographics surveys are some of the most important tools that businesses can use to find out more about their target market. By condensing those who interact with your business down to specific subgroups and customer data such as the age, location, socio-economic status, income level, education level, and marital status, you can find out more about who is interacting with your business, where they come from, and any motives they may have behind choosing your business vs. others in the industry.

But what are socio-demographics surveys? What questions should you include in socio-demographic surveys to get the most bang for your buck? Let’s see what socio-demographic surveys are, how to use them, and what you should include in these surveys to find out the most you can about your intended target market.

Everything you need to know about using socio-demographic surveys for your business:

First off, what does socio-demographic really mean? Socio-demographics are basically specific facts that researchers can use to combine people into subgroups within a larger sample size or population. If you are talking about socio-demographics in relation to your business, you are figuring out what features, attributes, traits, and characteristics that specific people have in common (i.e. age, marital status, income, etc.) in order to find your target audience.

Usually, researchers and those conducting surveys will use socio-demographics surveys to find out more about preferences of customers, behavior patterns of clients in your industry, and your target market that is being reached by using your advertising and marketing. Using different collection techniques for data such as questionnaires, surveys, and in-person interviews is key to figuring out a comprehensive photo of your ideal customer.

But why should businesses use socio-demographic surveys?

  • Socio-demographics surveys and questions can give the person conducting the research the complete picture of who is responding to your marketing techniques, who is engaging with your advertising methods, and who is responding to the surveys as a whole. By finding out who is connecting with your business, you can then create a customer profile.
  • Socio-demographics surveys help businesses find out if you are marketing your services to the right people. If your company is geared towards middle-aged women but the only people answering your surveys are 60-year-old men, something is going wrong in your outreach efforts.
  • Conducting socio-demographics surveys is the best way to find out if you are getting answers from every person who is within your target market.
  • Lastly, companies typically rely on conducting specific questions in socio-demographics surveys to find out how they can split their overarching target market and ideal clientele group into smaller subgroups and categories, helping businesses find out how to fully understand their target audience without being too generalized.


Using socio-demographic surveys is the best way that businesses can find out who is responding well to their marketing techniques and surveys. By identifying a target market and what is working when it comes to outreach methods, businesses can then tailor their content to their target market.

Written by Enaa Mari

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