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There was a time when people used to play some rough games without many rules and regulations. People were unaware of proper kits and suits for that particular game. They played with whatever they had worn. As the result, they came with many serious injuries due to a lack of safety features and rules.

But with time, people learned that it is necessary to have proper kits for the game that will not only improve their game but also their injuries. People designed special kits and suits for their respective games. One of the necessary parts of these kits was socks.

Socks-the roommate of shoes:

Socks are worn on feet before shoes. It covers your ankle, calf and may extend to your knee. White Grip Socks maintain a barrier between your shoes and feet. Socks are worn whenever you want to wear boots or closed shoes. Traditionally socks are not worn on sandals and slippers. However, socks are a must part of every sports kit. Every sportsman must wear socks before shoes.

Why socks are necessary to wear?

Socks are necessary and beneficial to wear for multiple reasons. Almost 60 percent of the people moving outside will be wearing socks. Some of these pros are listed below:

  • Warmness:

It protects the feet from cold. In winter almost everyone wears socks to protect their feet from cold.

  • Protect from blisters:

Socks protect your feet from blisters in several ways. Blisters are the worst enemy for any sportsman. Any player with a blister on their feet cannot play properly. So players have to wear socks to avoid blisters.

  • Reduces moisture:

Socks absorb all moisture and sweat and keep your feet dry even during the aggressive game. Due to the absorption of sweat, chances of developing blisters reduce to a great extent.

  • Protect from germs:

Socks protect our feet from germs and bacteria. It provides a shield to your feet and helps to reduce the chances of developing infections.

Socks and sports:

As explained before, socks are a must part of every kit. Features of socks for sports are different from domestic socks. In sports and gaming, players need a good ground grip which is not possible by using regular socks. So for a better grip, people use special socks. Some of these socks are explained later in this article.

Best Grip Socks in the market:

Nowadays there are a lot of companies offering socks for good grip but only a few of them are good enough to buy. Some of our suggestions are given below:

  • Botthms Grip Socks: is an outstanding brand for buying grip socks. You can try these socks for any kind of harsh and aggressive gaming like football, basketball, rugby, etc. Botthms Grip socks are specifically designed to enhance player’s ground grip. It is also recommended in yoga. It comes in many colors and you can also avail of deals and discounts.

Price: £20

  • Gaiam Grip Socks:

Gaiam grips socks are socks of choice for yoga trainers. In yoga, you need a lot of grips which is only possible by using Gaiam Yoga socks. It provides the maximum ground grip.

Price: $12

  • Bombas Gripper Socks:

Bombas gripper socks are best to wear on grippers. You can use them while playing tennis, basketball, and other harsh games. These socks contain honeycomb-patterned supports which provide extreme grip and support to the player and he can move aggressively without losing his balance.

Price: $14

  • Toesox Grip Socks:

These are the best socks when you need grip as well as comfort. Toesox not only provides support to the player but also relaxes his feet. These are made up of extremely comfortable material which provides an ease to your foot.

Price: $38

  • Tavi Noir Jane Grip Socks:

Tavi Noir Jane is a famous brand designing such products for a long time. These socks contain arch bands that strengthen your feet, provides comfort, and also absorbs moisture.

Price: $20

Our Verdict:

Socks must be of good quality and material if you are preparing for an important match. Good socks not only provide good surface grip but also absorbs sweat and thus help you to ace any competition. Some of these socks are explained above with their special features. If you want a good quality of socks for better gripping, we recommend you to buy the above-mentioned socks.

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