What are the common distractions for the young generation?

In this era of digitization, there are so many things like smartphones, social media, etc., that grab the attention of the young generation, distracting them from their academic and social life. They find it challenging to focus, which hampers their overall performance and isolates them from society.

The advancement of technology has influenced our lives in positive ways. However, recent statistics show how technological development has affected student’s success rate and prevented optimal learning. It is indeed difficult to avoid using mobile phones when it has all the compelling features. However, in order to ensure a prosperous life, it is important to not get majorly impacted by technology.

Top 4 distractions for the younger generation

Here are some of the major distractions that make one highly unproductive:

  • Web surfing

Web surfing is one such distraction that has been affecting the lives of people of different age groups. In this digital age, children are exposed to varied handheld devices and social media sites. This grabs their attention and hampers their focus and concentration.

Their constant usage has turned into addiction and they find it challenging to extricate themselves from it. Constant web surfing hinders children’s ability to fulfill certain tasks within the given slot. They get tempted to use social media and get trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction.

  • Online gaming

Children also waste time playing online games. Though online gaming is a popular and safe mode of entertainment, and the integration of the next-generation gaming consoles, such as accelerometer sensor more appealing, children must avoid getting addicted to it.

Gaming addiction affects their academic performance, and health condition and increases their aloofness. Extreme screen time also affects their social life.

  • Smoke, alcohol, drug addiction.

Another thing that has become a major cause of concern is the addiction of young children to young adults to smoking and alcohol consumption. Exposure to nicotine hampers the brain development of adolescents.

Even persistent cannabis consumption results in sleep disturbance and cognitive impairment. The recreational use of cannabis is increasing and there is a significant role of the rolling paper in cannabis promotions worldwide. Though the medical potential of cannabis is identified, it must be kept out of the reach of children.

  • Procrastination

Procrastination is perhaps the biggest distraction among youths. People submerge in their own thoughts and delay commitment and work. It is important to wrap up the commitments and all the work on time. Every time one procrastinates, he or she is attracting problems in their lives.

It is important to focus on the brighter side of the advancing technology, instead of wasting time, youths must be taught how to use technology to their advantage and not get controlled by it. It is apparent how industrial technology has revolutionized business operations, such as the Atlantic Scale, and how technology has transformed the educational sectors and more. 


The advancement of technology has laid out numerous options for everyone. It is important that the young generation are made aware of the consequences and the limit. Their energy must be channeled in a new direction.

Written by Francis Underwood

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