What Are The Cricket Formats and Their Rules?

What Are The Cricket Formats and Their Rules

There are so many games are available in the world, but cricket is one of the few games which has its own popularity and craziness. Basically, we can say cricket is not just a game it is a feeling. People doesn’t watch this game; they actually live ever moment of watching cricket matches.

Well, cricket has three most popular formats, and all these formats are live worldwide internationally. Well, if you are a cricket lover, then you may know these three formats of cricket very genuinely. But by any chance if you don’t know much about cricket and want to have some information about it. Then keep reading this article and you will come to know everything about this amazing game.

Cricket has various rules to play it fairly and each team must have to follow these cricket rules to play it genuinely. Because cricket is a international game and it should be played honestly, so there are very strict cricket rules are available that everyone should understand if want to play fantasy cricket league or want to become a cricketer.

Three Formats Of Cricket

As I told you there are three formats are available for cricket matches and each one of these has its own taste and own fun. Well, in these three formats the most popular one is 50-50. Where the second one is test match and of course the third one is 20-20 cricket match in fantasy leagues.

People genuinely enjoy 20-20 matches more, but when it comes to the popularity then 50-50 is quite on fire. However, still there are the people who love test matches as well. But genuinely it becomes quite boring to watch a 5-day long test match.

Because the time duration of a test match is 5 days, where is no over limit the batting team can play as long as they can. And the bowling team must have to bowl until the batting team is playing or end their inning by their own.

But when we talk about the 50-50 matches, then there is a over limit of 50 overs, where the batting team make an score in 50 overs which is call runs. After that the bowling team bats and they have to hit 1 extra run to win the match. This is how a 50-50 match can be played.

However, all the cricket formats allowed 11 players in a team and each player has his/her own responsibility in the team. There must be some bowlers, few batsman and of course skipper as well.

Apart from these there is one short format is also available called 20-20, in this format all the rules remains same but the over limit is just 20 overs, apart from this rest is just same. The batting team has the make a score in 20 overs, and then the second team should achieve that score and must hit one extra run to be a winner. This was all about the all three formats of cricket and the rules.

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