What are the different types of Slots you can play?

What are the different types of Slots you can play?

Whether you’re playing on the go with your mobile, or from the comfort of your own home on a laptop, Slots are fun, entertaining and exciting! Available in a range of themes and styles, these games make up the majority of an online casino site – which comes as no surprise as there are so many types of Slots to choose from.

If you’re looking for a way to spend some free spins from the latest casino bonuses, like a welcome bonus from Betfair Casino for example, then here are the different variations of slot games you can play online, to help you decide which one to pick next!

Retro Slots

These classic versions of the game harken back to their land-based predecessors, creating the same atmosphere with familiar symbols and gameplay. The original slot machine required the player to pull a lever to activate the reels and consisted of symbols represented by playing card icons, different fruit, the lucky seven, horseshoes, bells and the bar icon.

When you click on a retro style slot at an online casino, you’re likely to be presented with these reminiscent symbols, which progress in value in the same way. These online Slots will also only feature three or five reels on just one single row, just like the traditional land-based machine.

Retro Slots are ideal for beginners, as they aren’t too complicated to play, with only one pay-line to bet on, and a smaller range of symbols to get to grips with. All you have to do is match the symbols along the line and you could win some impressive prizes! It’s as simple as that.

Video Slots

Thanks to advanced developments in technology, Slots like joker123 have been to taken to the next level and now feature a whole range of themes, graphics and animation. Known as video Slots, they have elements such as moving 3D symbols or even video snippets in-between spins to create an interesting story surrounding the reels.

Video Slots go one step further than their retro counterparts, as they can feature way more than five reels, as well as eccentric patterned pay-lines. These can be sub-classed as multi play-line Slots, and as the name suggests, have plenty more ways to win, with some games offering over 25 pay-lines that could lead to a winning combination of symbols!

This style of slot game also features more variation when it comes to the icons you’ll find on the reels. Wild and Scatter symbols can unlock bonus rounds, award extra spins, or help towards matching more symbols. There are usually fewer of them of the reels, but still encapsulate the overall theme of the game.

Not only that, but video Slots can also include a cascading effect, depending on the game. This means that once you’ve matched the symbols across a pay-line, there’s no need to spin straight away, as they are instantly replaced by more symbols and create winning patterns until there are no more to be won!

All sounds pretty good, right? You can experience a truly immersive gaming experience with video Slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

With a standard slot game, there is a single jackpot to be won that is set for that game, and is unlocked when matching certain symbols or reaching a particular level in the game. However, a progressive jackpot slot includes a communal prize pool that is continuously contributed to each time someone plays the game. This jackpot increases until it is won by a player – who would have landed the correct symbols to trigger its pay-out or activated the correct bonus round.

There is the potential to win a huge prize with this kind of slot, and once the jackpot is won, it resets and starts all over again, ready to be won by the next lucky player.

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