What Are the Main Types of Motorcycles?

What Are the Main Types of Motorcycles?

What beats riding a motorcycle on the open roads?

We can’t think of anything, really!

If you’re thinking of buying a motorcycle for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices. There are many different types of motorcycles on the market.

Each motorcycle type was designed for a specific purpose and suits a unique lifestyle. This quick guide to the kinds of motorcycles will help you make the right choice when you decide to pull the trigger on your very own motorcycle.

Let’s ride into it!

Standard Types of Motorcycles

The standard motorcycles are the most common and popular kinds of motorcycles. An example of a standard bike is the Yamaha SR400.

Standard bike engines range from 125cc to 1,000cc. They are comfortable to ride because of their neutral seat and upright riding position.

Standard motorcycles make a good first bike for those considering buying a motorcycle for the first time. They work as everything from a commuter bike to a weekend trip bike.


A cruiser is similar to a chopper but less distinguished. They are lower-slung bikes and have lower seats that make them comfortable for cruising around town or taking a weekend trip.

Cruisers sport a variety of engine sizes up to 1,000cc. Typically, a cruiser will feature semi-forward footpegs and handlebars that sit at a comfortable height for the rider.

Sport Bikes

Sportbikes boast speed and agility. They are designed with higher than average seats, lower handlebars, and footpegs set in the rear. They have the most aggressive look of all types of motorcycles.

Sportbikes usually have higher horsepower and torque than other motorcycles. They are also made of lighter-weight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber. The goal with sportbikes is always to increase speed.

Adventure Sport Bikes

Adventure sport motorcycles are capable of both on-road and off-road riding. They feature high seats and handlebars. This makes them comfortable for riding all day.

It is also possible to stand up while on an adventure sportbike to gain more control when riding over uneven terrain. An example of an adventure sportbike that wouldn’t be too powerful for beginners is a KTM 1090 Adventure R.

Touring Motorcycles

When it comes to size, touring motorcycles are some of the biggest bikes you’ll come across. They feature a relaxed seat position, rear handlebars, and forward footpegs. Touring bikes are ideal for traveling long distances.

Touring bikes also feature large cargo spaces and engine sizes. The Honda Goldwing is a classic example of a touring motorcycle.

Off-Road Bikes

Off-road motorcycles sport taller seats and higher suspensions so they can handle bumps along off-roading terrains. They are also lightweight. Not many off-road bikes feature lights or turn signals.

Getting the Right Motorcycle Gear

If you’re considering owning a motorcycle, you need to get the right motorcycle accessories to ensure your safety while out on the road.

High-density foam, carbon fiber, and kevlar composite are the best types of motorcycle body armor to minimize impact and injury in the event of an accident.

Leather boots offer the best protection to your feet. Some motorcycle boot brands also add kevlar or thermoplastic polyurethane to their boots to protect against abrasion.

A full-face helmet will provide the best protection to your head and neck.

Motorcycle Types: Have Your Pick

The types of motorcycles available cover a range of purposes. If you’re looking for a bike to take out on weekend trips, go for the standard, touring, or cruiser.

For speed and agility, the sportbike is your best pick. If you want flexibility and the ability to take your bike off-road, try the sportbike or off-road bike.

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