What Are the Most Common Crop Diseases That Might Affect Your Yield?

Modern farmers have it easier and harder than ever before. On one hand, modern agricultural equipment and practices make it possible for one person to manage vast amounts of land, producing more crops per acre than ever before in history. It would have taken hundreds of hired farmers to pick crops by hand not too many years ago.

But on the other hand, crop diseases are running rampant across the country. They destroy crops, plants, and soil on a massive scale, and they are becoming immune to traditional remedies.

Crop disease management has become an unfortunate part of any farmer’s job description. And it sure isn’t easy.

Are you wondering what the most common pests and diseases in crops are? Keep reading to learn all about bacterial crop diseases that will put your gaming operation at risk.

Wheat Diseases

Wheat is the third most abundant crop in the US. This is both in regards to acreage used and the revenue produced. And half of this wheat is exported every year.

As a result, diseases to wheat crops can be financially devasting and affect our food supply. Diseases common to the wheat plant include leaf rust, along with splotches such as stripe blotch. Aphids are another big problem, as well as powdery mildew.

Together, these diseases can destroy up to 1% of the annual global harvest.

Potato Diseases

Potatoes are also a vast crop, used extensively in commercial cooking and in foodservice. They often fall prey to late blight, early blight, and brown rot.

These can be difficult to combat. One of the more common products used, though, is Regalia. The Regalia effect prevents powdery mildew and blight, helping to increase your overall crops performance and harvest.

This product isn’t limited to potatoes, however. You can use it on many fruits and nuts, and even tobacco.

Corn Diseases

The majority of corn produced in the country goes to livestock feed. It currently supports the entire American food system.

It is destroyed by different kinds of rot, such as Fusarium and Gibberella stalk rots, Fusarium and Gibberella ear rots, anthracnose stalk rot, and blight.

Other diseases are common as well, but these cause the greatest collective loss.

Soybean Diseases

The US currently produces the most soybeans out of any agricultural nation in the world. And it’s used to produce the majority of the oilseed in the country, outpacing products like peanut oil, canola oil, and others.

Rust, rot, and blight destroy a huge percentage of global soybean. This includes specific diseases like soybean rust and charcoal rot. Root-knot nematodes are also a big problem. These parasites are often associated with worms, though they are unrelated.

Fighting Crop Diseases

Every other crop in the US and around the globe also has predators and crop diseases that seek to destroy our fields. Other big problems include the disease of mustard crop, as well as rice, fruit, and vegetables.

The disease of field crop should be taken very seriously, as it can swallow huge portions of your field and ruin your chances of making a profit or just providing food for your family.

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