What are the two types of Fire Alarm?

What are the two types of Fire Alarm?


The fire alarm is an essential part of your business. Suppose you are running a factory or any other organization. Or if you have a machinery manufacturing industry, there is a high risk of fir in these factories. And fire will cause massive destruction. So fire alarms are the best option when there is a risk of fire alarm will alert you.

There are two main types of fire alarms. I will explain them one by one and, you will better grab the importance and working of fire alarms. If you face any problem with installing any security system or fire alarms, CFA Atlanta professionals are always available to serve you in a better way.

1- Conventional or Wired Fire Alarm

We use the conventional and wired fire alarm system in small businesses such as restaurants and shops. This fire alarm system is not suitable for big industries. This alarm will not locate the place where the fire has been caused. This alarm type only tells us the risk of fire.

It is not costly and is also not recommended for the bigger industrial units and factories. If the most prominent businesses are using it, they are at monumental risk. They may face a substantial loss because of mishaps. Users can install this alarm in their homes just for security.

CFA Atlanta is giving services to install security materials anywhere in industries and houses in commercial areas. The drawback of this alarm is that it cannot find the place where the fire occurs. So you have to find the site by yourself.

This alarm has some sensors that only work by sensing the fire, and if they feel the risk of fire, the alarm will trigger automatically. But again you have to find the location by yourself. Suppose if you are using this alarm in your company and alarm trigger, it means a sign of fire, and finding the establishment of a fire in the most significant industries and factories is too much complicated.

Maybe fire is getting from inside the machinery or any other side that can’t detect easily by conventional alarms. So, In this case, you will face an immense loss. So it is only recommended for small businesses and shops, where detection of fire manually is more accessible than in large factories and industries.

2- Addressable Automatic Fire Alarm

Suppose you want an alarm for an industry or a more significant business to use these addressable fire alarms. These are much better than conventional alarms. They will save the time that you have wasted in searching or locating an area where fire occurs.

These are the best among all the alarms. They are available in different types, but they will save you money, time in an emergency. If you have started your business or installing your factory and thinking of installing the fire alarms, don’t worry and contact CFA Atlanta. We are here to give you the best services for installing security cables and alarms.

We recommend addressable automatic fire alarms for the factories because costly machinery is working in the factory, and it will be a significant risk to use the conventional alarm. If you face sudden fire in the industry because of any mishap, you will face a considerable loss.

Fire will destroy everything material, machinery and nothing will be left. So it is better to have these alarms for security. Because there is no time for the mishap, and these are the best and latest alarms that will locate the fire area at once, it will be easy for you to get out of such situations.

So hire us for your safety and security. Our experts are only available to guide you and to install better security systems in your business buildings.


In conclusion, we will suggest addressable automatic fire alarms because they serve top security. They are the latest and have many features to protect you and your business as well. If you need guidance about it to contact us, we will feel eager to respond to you. Just contact our team and get the best service.

We will also guide you about other security cables with many additional features. But conventional alarms are not suitable for your business.

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