What Are The Workplace Injuries That Can Be Qualified For Workers Compensation Claims?

Whenever an employee is injured in the workplace that leads to disability to work in the future, the injuries inflicted upon the employees are considered as workers Compensation Injury which gives them the right to claim specific compensation for their pain and to suffer along with their medical expenses and future wages, in case the employee has lost the ability to earn in the future.

When the authorities approve the claim of the employee, the employee receives compensation for his medical treatment, future wages along with personal benefits. However, these processes involve numerous authorities and organizations, making the process lengthy and quite complex. So, if you have come across a workplace Accident and are looking to claim a Workers’ Compensation then you should opt for the Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. they will guide you throughout the process while making sure that you receive your deserved compensation.

If you are an injured Illinois worker in Philadelphia and need to file a workers’ compensation claim, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of a reliable legal team.

However, the question is; what injuries are considered worker’s compensation Injuries? This article will give you a brief overview of assessing a worker’s compensation injury to further apply for the claim.

What Injuries Qualify For Worker Compensation?

Most of the injuries that occur in the workplace are qualified for worker’s compensation. These injuries include

  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Defective Equipment
  • Someone’s Negligence

However, in order to claim the worker’s comp, the employees have only a certain amount of time to report the occurrence of the accidents. And even a tiny error can result in the denial of the compensation, so it is highly recommended that you take the assistance of a lawyer from a law firm that has expertise in these circumstances to represent your case.

How To File A Claim For Worker’s Compensation?

To file a claim for worker’s compensation, the worker must follow these steps,

  • Notify the employer about the injury within the deadline
  • Describing details of the injury to the authority
  • Approach medical assistance through the employer
  • Contact an attorney from the law firm that practices personal injury lawsuit
  • File a worker’s compensation claim with the help of a personal injury lawyers

You shouldn’t call the doctor by yourself. It would be best if you always let the employer call the doctor. However, there are distinct possibilities that the doctor can be under the influence of the employer to produce a false report. That is why you should always have your attorneys by your side during the whole process.

Injuries That Are Not Qualified For Worker’s Compensation

There are certain circumstances where your injuries might not be qualified for worker’s compensation. These circumstances are

  • If your injuries were self-inflicted
  • Intoxication while working in the workplace
  • Failure to comply with safety regulations


Filing a worker’s compensation legal claim is a lengthy and complex process. It involves various organizations and authorities to approve your claim. In addition to that, even a tiny error in your claim will allow your employer to deny your claim. That is why it is highly recommended that you should approach Philadelphia Injury Lawyers, P.C. if you have been injured at your workplace in Philadelphia.

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