What can you use to protect your furniture during transportation?


You’ve bought furniture online and are wondering how to bring them home? Or maybe you are moving houses and looking for a safe way of transporting your things? Aside from selecting the right transport provider, you need to make sure your furniture are properly secured for the time of the shipping. How can you protect your furniture so that they travel safely? To find out – read on!

At the first glance, furniture seems like a pretty easy cargo. Well-known furniture shops got us used to buying furniture disassembled, packed in neat boxes that are fairly easy to transport. And of course – if your furniture can be disassembled to fit in boxes and can be stacked – even international furniture transport shouldn’t pose any problems for you.

So the first rule is: safest way for furniture to travel is in pieces. Sounds drastic, but it’s true. Even if you don’t have the original boxes, almost any cardboard will do – just fill the extra spaces with bubble wrap, Styrofoam, foam chips etc. It’s the safest way, because cardboard and bubble wrap will absorb any shocks and vibrations on the road, therefore protecting the pieces of furniture inside. Moreover, transport providers transport disassembled furniture more readily, because it’s easiest to secure in transporting vehicles. But what if you need to transport furniture that cannot be disassembled – like antique wardrobes, upholstered armchairs and so on?

Shipping in a cardboard is usually out of the question when it comes to whole furniture. So what else can you do to prevent your cargo from damaging on the road? First of all – if you are transporting wardrobe or a cupboard or a desk, remember to empty it before transporting. If your piece of furniture has glass shelves, remove them and transport separately. Next – secure all the doors and drawers with some tape to keep it from opening on the road. Wrap all the legs and protruding elements with bubble wrap (ideally – it would be best to wrap the furniture as a whole, but wrapping the legs is a must). Secure the corners with Styrofoam or pieces of cardboard. Consider visiting to get the best deals on furniture shipping.

If you don’t have bubble wrap or Styrofoam, you can use stretch foil, pieces of cardboard or even newspapers and pieces of cloth. However bear in mind that the longer the route, the more important it is to secure your cargo as best as you can. Natural vibrations and possible shocks on the road can damage your furniture irreparably if you’re not careful.

When you are planning furniture transport of your own, you can secure the cargo properly. However, even when you decide to hire a transport company, it’s best to make sure your furniture will be travelling in safe conditions. Unfortunately, with most transport companies you don’t have the access to the actual driver, which makes it hard to make sure all your requirements concerning the securing of the cargo are met. So – is there a way to hire a professional transport provider while maintaining the ability to speak directly with the person transporting your cargo? Thankfully – yes, there is.

All you have to do Is look for a transport provider on a transport marketplace. Among the more popular transport marketplaces is Clicktrans. Transport providers registered on the platform operates all over Europe, which means you’ll easily find a fitting courier for your furniture for both domestic and international routes. Just list your items on the websites and transport providers will quote on it – it’s up to you which one of them you’ll choose. And – what’s crucial when it comes to fragile or valuable loads – you can ask quoting transport providers all the needed questions (like for example about securing the cargo) before making your decision.




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