What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying A Designer Wallet

8 Things to Consider While Buying a Wallet - FotoLog

A wallet says a lot about a person. Due to its functional nature in keeping your money, cards and ID safe, it’s rarely out in the open, but when you do bring it out to make a payment or hand out a business card, you should make a good impression. 

If you want to elevate your daily style a stylish men’s wallet collection is not to be overlooked.  But what should you keep in mind before buying a new wallet? 

Keep The Following in Mind

In order to avoid buyer’s remorse and make a good investment in your future wallet, you should consider the following. 

Clean Out Your Wallet

When was the last time you cleaned out your wallet? The only way you can know what you will actually use is to clean out your existing wallet and use it to have an understanding of how much you need to carry with you every day. Ask yourself if all the membership cards are ones you really need, and is that receipt really necessary?

What Is The Dress Code?

Men tend to carry the same wallet every single day. That being said, your wallet is one of those things that should change depending on what you’re wearing. Do you want a straightforward bifold wallet for your pocket, or a thinner wallet for your suit jacket? If you carry even less to an occasion is a card holder enough for you?

Are You Cashless?

IS a wallet that can hold cash and coins really necessary for you? This is a vital question as society moves closer to being a cashless society. Some people prefer to keep spare cash in the car or in a separate wallet in a bag and keep their pockets from being heavy. 

Choose Quality Wallets

A wallet isn’t something you want to re-purchase often. So it’s best to buy a wallet that’s made with quality in mind. Although you may think all designer wallets mean luxury, this is not the reality. Remember, that all leather is not made equal, and you want to choose something that has longevity and has been made to last. For quality wallets, you should shop at Louis Vuitton. 

Choose Something Timeless

Similar to choosing quality, you should also choose something timeless as it means you won’t have to replace your wallet when it goes out of style. This means using more classic tones such as brown, black or navy and opting out of prints or graphic designs. 

Types of Designer Wallets to Choose From:

Men these days have many options on the market for wallets, but here are the top sellers for designer wallets. 

The Billfold Wallet

This wallet style is one of the most commonly used by men all over the world. The reason for this is that it’s slim, but still has the capacity to hold cash, cards and receipts as well as coins. By being such an all-rounder, the wallet has remained popular since it was first introduced in the 50s. 

The Cardholder

A slim cardholder is an excellent option for men who appreciate simplicity. It has enough room to fit all of your necessary cards without weighing you down. This is the best option for a man who dislikes carrying loose change or notes.

The Breast Pocket Wallet

Men who want to add a touch of timeless, stylish flair should consider the Breast Pocket Wallet. The breast wallet, which is a larger version of the billfold, is best kept in the inside pocket of an overcoat or suit jacket.

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