What dog supplies do I need for a new dog?

What dog supplies do I need for a new dog?

This is an age-old question and repeatedly asked among dog owners. It’s difficult to keep everything in mind and properly prepare for a dog coming. A collar, harness and leash for a puppy are essential items, even if you are not planning to go out with your pet from the first days. It’s better to accustom your pet to gear immediately from the moment it appears in your house. will help you if you are looking for the best dog supplies. Deal, go on.

How to buy dog collars online and be sure that is the right choice?

When choosing a collar for your doggy, take into consideration the individual characteristics of the breed. Several breeds like whippets have very thin necks and narrow heads, so the collar may easily slip off. Other small breeds like chihuahua are prone to collapsing tracheas, and the pressure of the collar can quickly turn into an emergency. By pulling on the leash you can easily injure your friend’s delicate neck.

Dear owner, you should be very careful when using a collar. Remember that pulling creates pressure on the neck area and hurts your Front Range Dog Harness – Ruffwear . If you choose a collar made of soft material and in the right size it will not be dangerous for your doggy. It’s better to use the collar during patrolling the yard, playing active games, and running. For those lucky owners whose dogs behave well on leash, never jumping, pulling, or zigzagging, it’s a blessing to use a collar in everyday life. Knowing all the pros and cons, you can easily and without a doubt buy dog collars online only!

How to choose a harness for my dog?

Buy dog harness online it’s not a big deal if you follow our advice. Compared with the collar the structure of the harness is anatomically safer. The construction of the harness is designed in such a way that even when the leash is pulled, the belts do not compress the chest and don’t interfere with breathing. First of all, the harness removes the load from the animal’s cervical vertebrae, distributes it to the shoulder and thoracic. You securely protect your four-pawed friend from the danger and pain experience, because the harness correctly distributes the load over the entire body.

Choosing a harness for your doggy pay attention to size, form, pudding and durability of the material.  But don’t forget about the behaviour characteristics of the dog. Harness is the best solution for those owners whose puppies can’t behave well on leash and always want to escape. It’s especially dangerous walking along overcrowded streets.

What is important in choosing dog supplies?

Few people pay attention to the presence of ID tag buying dog ammunition. Why is it so important? Because an ID tag isn’t a simple accessory created to decorate the dog. It’s a new era of safety, because we use a QR code, which leads to mobile application with all information about pet and owner.  In case of loss, the owner can file a wanted list, and the application will immediately notify you about the discovery of the pet. If someone scans the QR code of a lost dog, the owner will instantly be notified. Also, you receive a message with the pet geolocation, thanks to which you have a clear idea of ​​the whereabouts of the doggy. According to statistics, 85% of pets with QR passports return to their owners within 24 hours.

All collars and harnesses made by Waudog come with free ID tags! It’s profitable to buy accessories for dog online.

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