What Is A Bubbler, Why Use it And Where To Get It?

What Is A Bubbler, Why Use it And Where To Get It?

Cannabis smoking has been recognized as a beneficial activity, given that it can have a rather positive effect on people’s health. Studies have shown that it can provide us with some great health benefits, such as those listed here. People nowadays enjoy smoking thus substance not only for recreation, but also because of the amazing impact it has on their health, and on the various symptoms that they may be struggling with. Have you tried it yet yourself?

Whether you’ve already been a recreational user, or you’re just now beginning to think about using cannabis either because you’re curious or because you want to enjoy the health benefits it can provide, you’ll need to make a significant decision. Put simply, you’ll have to decide how to smoke cannabis, i.e. which devices to use, as there are definitely more of those available on the market. Heard of bubblers yet?

What Is A Bubbler?

In order to understand what bubblers are, you’ll have to gain some knowledge, or at least refresh the knowledge you already have, on pipes and bongs first. The most basic smoking device, the pipe, consists of a bowl in which you put the weed, the stem, which is essentially a tube through which the smoke will travel, and a mouthpiece, through which you’ll inhale the smoke. Some also have a small hole at the side, i.e. a carb that you’ll be covering and uncovering while smoking, to make ignition more effective.

A bong is also known as a water pipe. That’s because it filters the smoke through water, or at times some other liquids. It has a bowl, a stem, a mouthpiece and a water chamber. And bubblers, as you’ll quickly see, are somewhere in between bongs and pipes due to their design.

These are the differences you should know of: 

So, just like bongs, bubblers also have a mouthpiece, a bowl, a stem and a water chamber. The difference is that the mouthpiece is usually fixed and non-removable, which is more similar to pipes. Another thing that makes them similar to pipes is the fact that they too have the carb, i.e. the hole I’ve talked about above that improves the efficiency of the device. Basically, bubblers are like a combination of bongs and pipes, designed to improve the smoking experience.

Why Use It?

You now know what a bubbler is, but you could still not be sure on why to actually use it. What are the benefits of that? Thanks to the filtration system, through which all unwanted particles that contribute to the bitter taste of cannabis will be removed, the smoke will actually taste better. You’ll get to taste the actual cannabis that packs many flavors, by avoiding that burnt taste of other particles. So, that’s your benefit number one.

The entire smoking experience is also significantly impacted by dehydration. Searching for hydration means every time you smoke can take away from your experience. Well, bubblers prevent dehydration by releasing those water particles every single time you take a puff, which will make the whole experience much more enjoyable and carefree. This is just one of the advantages that it has over bongs and pipes.

When you have a closer look at the Freeze Pipe Bubblers, for example, and when you check out their specifications, you’ll immediately realize one important thing. They are far smaller compared to bongs. This allows for them to be easily carried pretty much anywhere, and this added portability feature definitely makes them appealing to all smokers. You can even travel with them, and they’ll still have all the features necessary to provide you, as well as your friends for that matter, with an enjoyable smoking experience.

Where To Get It?

If you’ve taken your time to learn about bubblers, compare them to bongs and pipes, and if you’ve figured out that they are precisely what you want, you’ll just have to do one more thing. Buy them. Where can you do that, though?

Fortunately, you can now order your Bubbler pipes online, and that makes everything easier, since roaming around local shops in search of these products can prove to be a futile and disappointing experience. Plus, the online world will provide for more modern, sleek and cool designs.

Merely saying that you can get them online is not enough, however. Far too many suppliers out there, and some of them won’t be capable of meeting your expectations. In fact, although it’s a rarity, some users have complained that the bubblers they’ve bought didn’t have a water provision system. You don’t want to have the same experience, do you? Certainly not.

What can you do, though, so as to be sure that you’re shopping from the right supplier, the one that will meet your expectations and provide you with the best bubblers that certainly have a water provision system, basically one of the main features of this product? You can be patient. And research. You can take time to find and compare these products, instead of grabbing the first one you see and placing your orders without checking them out in further details.

If you want to get the best possible experience with your bubbler and feel all of those benefits we’ve talked about (more info), researching the suppliers is a must. Shopping from ill-reputed and unreliable ones that people don’t quite trust isn’t the best idea. Trusted and reliable suppliers will sell you the perfect quality bubblers, which is why you’re aiming for in the first place. Search for them online, but try and get some suggestions from other smokers as well.

One thing you should always remember to do is read the reviews of the products you’re planning on buying. People will like giving their opinions on the bubblers they’ve used, in an effort to help future buyers understand if they’re worth it or not. Reviews could be found on official supplier sites, as well as on other websites where enthusiastic smokers like talking about their experiences.

Written by Enaa Mari

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