What is Rubber Paving and How Long Does It Last?

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Are you seeking to pave or repave your old pavement? You may be thinking of doing so with concrete or asphalt but here’s another option, rubber paving. It is the use of recycled materials to resurface spoiled sidewalks, driveways, patios. As the name suggests, the paving contains rubber materials. It is a combo of recycled tire crumbs with adhesive, among other components. These give rise to an attractive and durable surface. It is a more affordable option with a fast installation and cure period.

Rubber paving is fit for driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks, stairs, and so on. It is easy to lay and you can lay it right over your old asphalt, concrete, or even wood. You can also create new surfaces to bring out a unique and attractive look. This is a great option for DIY fans as it is easy to install. You might need the help of subcontractors if you want to cover a big area faster.

In comparison to other paving options, rubber paving is new in the market. It became more popular across North America over the past 25years. It comes in several shades which allows you to choose the color that best fits your home’s exterior. The paving comes with curb allure which renews the old and damaged concrete paving. It is also a safer option for kids. This is because it has good traction which makes it slip-resistant. In case of a fall, you will worry less about injuries. It has a softer landing as compared to concrete or sandy pavements. The cost of rubber paving is lower than the cost of concrete paving. This is due to the ease of installation and affordability of products. What’s more, the maintenance and repair of rubber paving are easier and cheaper.


In weather

Rubber paving is a quality long-lasting product having been first installed in 1998. While durability is a key factor in paving products, most do not survive for lengthy periods. Many factors lead to the wear and tear of pavements. Weather, vehicles, and constant use may cause damage over time. You need a paving product that will endure the harsh weather or any external conditions. In places with unpredictable weather conditions, rubber paving is the way to go. It expands with an increase in temperatures and contracts with decrease, without cracking.

In the winter season, snow and ice can accumulate on the paving. But the rubber paving will still provide better traction than concrete paving. Any means you use to get the ice out is safe, be it shoveling or salting. The salt will not affect the rubber in any way, neither will the shovels leave any marks on the rubber. Concrete paving cracks with time due to the freezing and thawing of ice with salt components. But rubber paving remains intact. Rubber paving is fit to survive in all seasons.

In wear and tear

Rubber paving is strong to prevent it from getting dented. According to experts from Florida asphalt paving contractor ABC Paving, rubber paving is not a product you will have to keep replacing due to damage. Instead, when you apply a lot of force, the paving bends while maintaining strength. Concrete will wear out over time due to vehicles and other uses. The damage then requires you to keep repaving the surface which can be costly and exhausting. Rubber paving is resistant to erosion and staining.

In any paving product, the first thing you want to look for is its durability. It is not a task you want to keep doing on and off. Rubber paving comes with many benefits. Along with its ability to bear all weather conditions and wear out, you get to enjoy much more. What is better than long-lasting, quality, and affordable paving? Whether you want to surface your home or a commercial area, rubber paving is the way to go!

Tips for making your rubber paving last longer

  • Clean it regularly – just like any other paved surface, always sweep or wash your rubber paved surface regularly. Don’t wait for it to collect dirt and other debris to clean it. Allowing dirt and debris to sit on your rubber paving for a long time can leave it looking dirty and dull. The best way to clean your rubber paving is to use a garden hose—avoid using a pressure washer as it can damage the surface. 
  • Always clean stains when they appear – unlike concrete and asphalt paving, rubber paving is more resilient to stains. However, you should always remove the stains when they appear. Things like oil spills, spilled paint, and tire marks can leave ugly stains on your pavement. To clean them, you only need soap and water—this is the most effective way of removing the stains.
  • Always use a plastic shovel when removing snow – if you don’t have one, use a snowblower. These two are very safe for your rubber paving, unlike shovels with metal edges. Yes, rubber paving might be very durable. However, never use any sharp object against it, as it can lead to unwanted damages and costly repairs.
  • Done use any acid-based cleaning product – acid-based cleaning products can discolor your rubber paving and affect its integrity as well. Besides, using such products is not necessary, since rubber paving cleans very easily. All in all, if you want to use a cleaning agent, make sure it’s acid-free.  

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