What Is Scorecast Betting In Football?

How to choose the best betting site?

If you are new to gambling or still just a novice, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of markets and different types of bets that you can put on – especially when it comes to football. Nowadays there is an ever expanding market within football which covers almost anything that can happen in every game across the world. This daunting task can leave you asking questions about some specifics. Below we are going to take a look at one particular type of football bet and investigate just what is scorecast betting in football?

What is Scorecast Betting?

In layman’s terms, scorecast betting is a single bet but actually consists of two segments. The bet itself is a wager on which player is going to score first and a wager on what the result of the match will be. You have to predict both of these segments within a scorecast betting slip to win the bet.

What are the rules around it?

There are a few terms and conditions it is worth considering before jumping straight into a scorecast bet. Firstly, in the event your player does not appear in the match, this bet selection will just boil down to the correct result. The same goes for if your player comes on after the first goal is scored. Secondly, just like other goalscoring bets, own goals do not count. This means that if the first goal is an own goal, the scorecast bet will get rolled over to the next goalscorer. If this match ends up 1-0 through an own goal then the bet comes down to correct result prediction only.

How useful are they?

These types of bets are very attractive as they have high odds and have become very popular with special promotions sold by bookmakers since the boom of online betting. This has brought this style of betting to the mainstream and is an ideal stepping stone for many beginner gamblers. Often with these types of bets the bookmakers provide a Money-Back special which gives you that little bit extra insurance when selecting this type of bet. Something that you would not get with other high odds bets.

These bets thrive in low scoring games and can be used alongside good research to good effect. Teams that consistently only win 1-0 or 2-1 are ideal for this style of bet and it can be useful to employ a scorecast bet in these instances to good effect.

Why are they good compared to other types of bets?

This is a good type of bet to have in your arsenal if you are particularly well informed of a given game and confident that there will be a certain goalline. The main bonus of these bets are their extremely long odds which entice people in. These odds are reflective, however, of the likelihood of winners. Ther scorecast style of bet is hard to pull off and that’s why many veteran gamblers steer clear of them, leaving the beginners and novices to continue with this kind of betting.

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