What is solar energy used for?


The sun is the ultimate source of energy and in a way all forms of energy are made from some sort of help from the sun. The earth is constantly using a lot of solar power in various ways for almost all of its processes. As we know that sun is a massive orb consisting of flammable gases which gives earth its energy in the form of sunlight which are essentially waves as light travels in the form of waves. This gives a combination of light and heat. About 1 meter square area of our atmosphere gets 1.4 KW/m2.

Sun: The Fundamental Source of Energy

Now as we already said that how does earth use this energy in making other forms of energy. Let’s start by discussing how that happens.

Sun is a source of energy which is generated by wind, water and fossil fuel.

Wind Turbines. Now we know that wind turbines are driven by wind which then produces electrical energy, but how is wind produced? The heat from the sun drives the wind currents which then drives the turbines. Wind currents are produced due to the uneven heating of the atmosphere as some areas are getting direct heat energy and some indirect, hence this causes an uneven pattern which influences how the wind flows.

Hydro-electric Dams. Similarly the electrical energy we get from dams also uses heat energy from the sun which drives the water currents. The major part of heat or thermal energy is stored by our oceans and the constant shift of it between the cold and hot areas of water as well as with the atmosphere in the form of rain is what produces these currents and helps run water turbines and hydroelectric dams.

Coal and Fossil fuel. Sunlight is what works the photosynthesis process and helps the plants grow which then eventually become gas, coal and the fuel which are used by our factories and industries for the production of various things.

The electrical energy produced by the first two ways is further used to make kinetic energy, potential energy and heat energy. It is expected that at the rate we are using natural gas and oil, we will run out of this in the next 50 years. On top of the fact that these sources are non renewable, they are also polluting the environment through smoke and other residues they leave in the atmosphere hence contributing to climate change.


How to Use Solar Energy:

Now, as we saw that in all these processes sun is somewhere involved in the production and hence indirectly works to form these energies. How about if we just form a direct connection with the sun and the energy it gives instead of all these other sources? If we learn how to do that we will be in possession of unlimited clean and environmentally safe energy which is inexhaustible as sun will continue to shine indefinitely.

How do we harness solar energy?

That is where our product comes in. Nowadays several products are being created by engineers all over the word in order to use the solar energy for our daily life purposes. Solar panels, solar cells and batteries, LED solar lights and more. It is a theory that if we are able to put all of sun’s energy in to use then we could have a television running on every single square meter of the earth and still have energy left over. If we combine other renewable sources like wind or hydro there still won’t be enough to outshine the energy given by the sun. Solar energy is carbon free and causes no emissions. It is also completely noise free helping to get rid of noise pollution as well.

Opasolar Outdoor LED Lights are one of those products that you can invest in to contribute your part in getting a cleaner atmosphere. These are 2000LM Solar Powered lights which are built to be easily hung on your wall and provide you with great light wherever you want. These are especially great for outdoor purposes like hanging in gardens, garages or driveway.

  • They work by converting solar energy into electrical energy because of the presence of special material like silicon. The electrons in these get energy and get excited resulting in the production of a voltage which generates electric current and distributes it in a uniform manner. The material which the light is made from is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is already a recycled material that can again be recycled completely. Hence, by investing in these you are one step closer to making a change for the environment. This material is also very long lasting and durable as well as water resistant. So no need to worry when it rains, as you are covered.
  • Another great thing about these lights is that they can store energy in them. Now you must be thinking about the days when it’s cloudy or the changes in seasons which throws off the balance of the use of solar energy. Similarly, at night when there is no sun to provide energy, well for such times the lights store energy and they can last you for up to seven to ten such days when there is no significant sunlight.
  • They also contain human motion detectors which cause lights to brighten up. And temperature control as well keeping the lights from not getting too hot or cold. By ensuring that these get enough sunlight you are looking at a hundred percent clean source of energy for your outdoor activities. As well as making your exterior of the house look stylish and elegant.



There will be no better time than now to get these lights as we are slowly digressing in a world where there is no care for the environment and our activities are ruining the atmosphere. By recognizing the potential of solar energy we can all  do small things like these to contribute to the world and making it a positive place for our future generations.






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