What is THC Distillate?

Cannabis enthusiasts can consume it in many forms. With cannabis oil becoming one of the most popular consumable product in the cannabis market, it is in no doubt that the product has captured the market by storm.

Typically, the production of THC distillate entails the extraction of terpenes, cannabinoids, and THC. The extraction process is aimed at producing pure THC distillate for consumption.

So what is a THC distillate? Here is what you need to know about the cannabis product.

THC Distillate

A THC distillate oil is a pure cannabis product produced from a distillation process. The final product from the process can not only offer solutions in the cannabis market but can as well be consumed in many ways.

Cannabis Distillation

Cannabis distillation entails a combination of technology aimed at extracting various products from cannabis to have THC as the end product.

Typically, the cannabis plant contains a variety of substances among them flavonoids, terpenes cannabinoids, and many others. As such, the plant is taken through various refinement processes to extract various substances.

To ensure the products are extracted in a pure form, the process undergoes various stages, This helps in producing a single compound with a purity of up to 99%.  One of the common stages that the extraction process undergoes is referred to as short path distillation or fractional.

The stage is one of the most trusted ones that guarantee a high purity level of end products involved in the cannabis distillation process.

Fractional Distillation

Short path or fractional distillation has been adopted in the cannabis oil production market to produce various oil distillates. The process also applies to the cooking oil industries where various compounds are separated to get pure oil.

Some of the oil distillates extracted from the fractional distillation principle include essential oil, fragrance among other products. This applies to the production of CBD and THC where a fractional distillation technique is applied to avoid losing excess compounds during the extraction process.

How to Consume Distillates

Cannabis distillates can be consumed in many ways. With distillate oils, you can consume either through sublingual, oral, or transdermal.

Alternatively, cannabis oil can be consumed through inhalation and vaporization. On the other hand, raw distillates can be combined with medical products for use in various applications.

Incorporate in other products

Cannabis distillates can be used in various industries. An example is the use of cannabinoid oils in various products due to the aroma associated with the product.

Breaking down terpenes and cannabinoids into their compounds can be used in various industrial applications. This applies to THC concentrates that are already used in the market


Given the versatility of cannabis oil, cannabis distillates have highly been embraced for various applications.

While the distillation technique in producing cannabis distillates is new in the cannabis market, it has greatly transformed the refining and extraction techniques in the cannabis market.

Therefore, if you are looking for pure THC concentrates in the cannabis ecosystem, you should try out cannabis oil. Alternatively, you can always visit to access any cannabis product of your choice.

Written by Enaa Mari

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