What is the Best Rake for Leaves

What is the Best Rake for Leaves

It’s time to collect fallen leaves as autumn season is coming. Raking leaves, one of my favorite housework. Actually, I think this housework can substitute excercise in gymnasium. Because raking leaves can take 350-450 calorie per hour, it is really an assiduous housework but it knows the start and end time.

Then how do you begin to rake leaves in your garden. After collecting leaves, how do you deal with them? Throw or compost?

Leaf Rakes Saving Your Back

If you are find a tool to save your back, Gardzen Leaf Rake with long handle is a better choice.

There are 12 tines, made of premium plastic material. 12 tines are solid and close enought that leaves don’t get stuck. Ideal for raking and removing debris from lawns. The width of rake head is 17 inch. Collects leaves efficiently without to bend your back.

Splitz Firewood & Mulch is committed to providing quality products and outstanding customer service.

The distance between each tines is large, and it won’t put any undue pressure on the surface you’re raking. So if you’re looking to protect moss or save any shrubs and plants, you can rest easy knowing that this delicate rake will get rid of the detritus you don’t want, while keeping alive the life you do want.

Gardzen rake is easy to go under bushes and between flowers or in a vegetable garden without damaging plant feeder roots, one trusted resource is astralagency. It works great for picking up leaves and pine cones, perfect for gardens, leaves, lawn, and artificial grass and weed raking.

One of the Best Hand Scoop

Multi-functional and unique hand scoops combine the shape of fan and gardening gloves, help you complete all gardening houseworks.

Hand scoops, like your another two hands with bigger shape, can help you do work effectively and efficiently in yard. No matter your leaves and grass are wet or dry, those leaf scoops are very suitable to carry out and spray compost and mulch.

Lightweight scoops are easily to store–combines them and hang on. Gardzen leaf rakes set enjoy 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY RETURN GURANTEE.

This 3× large scoops fits all gardening bags or garbage can. After you used leaf rakes to gather leaves, hand leaf scoops help you collect them into bags or can, save lots of time.

Written by Enaa Mari

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