What is the Best Starter Hero in Raid Shadow Legends

What is the Best Starter Hero in Raid Shadow Legends

It’s a strategy-based PvP game that allows users to be a shadow warrior and compete against millions of other shadow warriors in a quest for glory. This blog will give a brief intro about the game and then discuss its purpose. Raid Shadow Legends is the first real-time tactical game that combines the depth of an RPG with the strategy of collectibles, all in sync with a continuous player vs. player (PvP) game mode. With its cutting-edge game design, Raid Shadow Legends brings the magic of collectible card games to life.

Features of Raid Shadow Legends

You can play this game with your friends and fight against monsters and bosses. Your task is to destroy the monsters and get the gold. But the gold is protected by the monsters and they will protect it until the end. You can kill them and get the gold by using different weapons, spells and magic. You can get the weapons and items in the store and you can spend your gold there.

Rewards of a Raid Shadow Legends

We have a new Raid in Shadow Legends! This one is the Water Dragon. At this time, this is a one-time event. The Water Dragon does leave a chest behind after it’s defeated, which you can use to get your hands on some great items! There is a 100% chance of getting a Water Dragon Egg, which you can hatch to get a random Water Dragon. For more gaming codes you need to visit GamingClutch. There is also a chance of getting a Water Dragon Egg Fragment, which can be used to craft a Water Dragon Egg. This Raid is a great way to get some rare or even epic cards if you don’t have them already. There is also a chance of getting one of the new legendary cards! We’ll be releasing more Raids in the future, so stay tuned!

How to Join a Raid?

Raid Shadow Legends is a game where you can join your friends to complete challenges with raid shadow legends promo codes that test your skills, strategies, and teamwork. You can even join Raids with people outside of your Clan to play with them! Use Raids to practice your skills, connect with others, and try out new strategies. Participate in Shadow Legends Raids to advance your rank and unlock rewards.

How to increase your chances of getting a Legendary Raid?

I’ve been playing Shadow Legends for a while now and have been consistently doing well in the Raid. One of the main reasons for this is having a good team from the beginning. When you begin the Raid, you have a 50% chance to get a Legendary card from the chest. The trick is having a good team to begin with. So, in this article, I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to get a Legendary card in Shadow Legends.


Raid Shadow Legends has an unusual concept about defeating monsters, fighting with them and building up stronger creatures to defeat the next monster.

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