What is the ITIL certification salary?

What is the ITIL certification salary

ITIL 4 is the standard framework for delivering IT services in the industry. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) provides a systematic approach to IT service management (ITSM). Almost every list of must-have IT certifications includes ITIL certification. ITIL serves as a framework for enterprises to manage risk, strengthen customer connections, establish cost-effective procedures, and build a stable IT infrastructure that grows, expands, and changes.

Having an ITIL certification is a highly sought-after credential since the framework is in high demand. The ITIL certification gives you a solid foundation from which to build your career.

To prepare for the exam, you can obtain study materials and take sample tests. Organizations can also do ITIL certification training in-house, allowing employees to be trained and certified in-house. Even if you don’t have little or no work experience, a certification from a reputable training organization can help you earn a higher income. ITIL® Master salaries in India and other top countries are discussed in this article, which considers experience, geography, job function, and company.

Let’s take a closer look at ITIL certification and the financial benefits that come with it.

What is ITIL?

For those unfamiliar with ITIL, it is a library of diverse elements that help technologists and IT service management practitioners deliver IT services to enterprises. ITIL’s model for risk management, developing customer relationships, adopting cost-effective procedures, and establishing a structured IT environment that is stable enough for growth, scalability, and transformation are just some of the benefits of the framework.

Significance of ITIL

In IT management, the ITIL framework is by far the most generally accepted. For the last 30 years, it has retained this honor. For large enterprises, it provides a set of best practices for delivering IT services.

So, it is a broad discipline encompassing several significant specializations, such as high-availability computing, help desk management, and IT operations.

The ITIL Foundation provides a basic grasp of the IT service lifecycle and is the starting point for the certification. Managers with ITIL Foundation certifications bring in an annual salary of $129,402 on average.

ITIL certification salary

Earning power can be increased in a variety of roles with the ITIL 4 certification. There is an average annual income of $99,000 for those who work in ITIL 4-related occupations.

Throughout the world, people with ITIL certification are in high demand. ITIL certification helps you advance in your career, allowing you to earn a more excellent salary. reports that the highest average yearly compensation is significantly more than for non-certified experts for IT professionals with ITIL certification in various job roles. In the United States, ITIL-certified professionals can expect to earn anything from USD 85,000 to USD 130,000. In every country, those with ITIL certification earn more money and have more responsibility in their jobs than those without.

Those who have passed the certification exam for ITIL can expect to make much money in the IT industry. The typical salary is in the six-figure range.

PayScale also offers data on how an ITIL 4 certification can boost salary across several specific IT positions:

  1. CIO – $188,388
  2. IT director – $136,004
  3. IT project manager – $96,377
  4. Service delivery manager – $100,039
  5. VP of IT – $164,211
  6. IT manager – $102,535
  7. IT business analyst – $72,852

The higher your certification, the higher your compensation will be. Earning power increases when one’s certification level increases. There are, of course, many additional elements at play, such as –

  • level of expertise
  • knowledge
  • ability to acquire ITIL concepts
  • desire to learn more about IT methods

Based on roles

Role Average salary per annum in the India Average salary per annum in the US
IT Manager INR 10,82,029 $101,181
IT Project Manager INR 14,33,472 $91,257
IT Analyst INR 7,32,612 $86,361
Asset Manager INR 5,39,533 $88,552
Service Delivery Manager INR 13,66,982 $82,795
Service Transition INR 13,34,273 $117,000
Service Operation INR 6,10,864 $117,000
Senior  IT Project Manager INR 18,18,560 $112,899
Engineering program manager INR 18,19,880 $106,280


Based on countries

Country Salary per annum
India 1,010,838 INR
US 98,388 USD
Australia 99,738 AUD
Canada 84,189 CAD
United Kingdom 40,807 GBP


Based on experience level

A professional’s pay is based on their years of experience and the talents they have. Earnings of ITIL® Foundation qualified professionals are higher than those of non-certified colleagues. Look at the table here to know the % increase in ITIL® master compensation based on experience levels.

Experience Level                        Pay in %

  1. Experienced                   –              36.6%
  2. Mid-Career                      –              29.0%
  3. Late Career                     –              19.5%
  4. Early Career                    –              14.0%
  5. Entry Level                      –              0.8%

Global Knowledge’s 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report put ITIL Foundation sixth on its list of the best-paying IT certifications, with an average salary of $120,556 for certified workers. Although certification alone may not result in a rise in compensation, IT workers should be aware that this is not always the case. Certification in ITIL may not immediately correspond with career success. Still, it shows that you are committed to quality in your industry and prepared to invest in yourself.

Based on top companies in India & US

Top Indian companies Salary about
Wipro ₹ 6 L – ₹7 L /yr
Unisys ₹ 5 L – ₹ 15 L /yr
HCL Technologies ₹ 12 L – ₹ 13 L /yr
TCS ₹7,23,306 /yr
J.P. Morgan ₹ 15 L – ₹ 17 L
Genpact ₹ 6 L  – ₹ 7 L
Tech Mahindra ₹ 7 L  – ₹ 8 L
GE ₹ 17 L  – ₹ 19 L


Top US companies Salary range
Amazon $79k – $192k
Deloitte $75k – $143k
Microsoft $69k – $193k
Booz, Allen, and Hamilton $73k – $155k
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) $63k – $158k


Final words

In terms of ITSM frameworks, ITIL is by far the most widely used. As a result, ITIL-certified personnel is in high demand, outpacing those who aren’t. Indeed, ITIL and its various modules benefit IT, professionals at every level of the IT structure. Make sure you obtain certified ITIL certifications so that you may extend your horizons and propel your career in a new direction like never before.

Written by Enaa Mari

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