What Is The Role Of Water Purification During Monsoon?

What Is The Role Of Water Purification During Monsoon?

The monsoon rains bring huge relief across India after the excruciating summer. Relief is not the only thing the rain brings; it also presents an array of diseases. The open water gets contaminated during the rainy season. This water seeps into the wells, underground tanks, and damaged pipes. The water now reaching the households is now unfit for consumption.

The unfiltered water, especially during the rainy season, had a multitude of harmful elements. It contains bacteria and metallic elements such as copper, lead, aluminium, cadmium, mercury, etc. It also contains pesticide and fertiliser runoffs.

The heavy rain also induces prolonged stagnation of water. This leads to the water containing a plethora of germs. If these germs enter the human body, they can cause waterborne diseases such as cholera, jaundice, stomach cramps, etc. The severity of the disease is proportional to the degree of contaminants present in water.

What Are The Diseases Caused By Polluted Water?

Contaminated water causes many waterborne diseases. Some of the diseases are diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Serious illnesses such as guinea worms are also due to contamination in water.

The host of impurities that polluted water contains spreads diseases. Untreated water adversely affects the lungs and kidneys and damages the liver. These conditions will affect you for your entire life.

The Role of Ultraviolet Rays in Water Purification:

Ultraviolet or UV rays eliminate all the harmful microorganisms in water, such as viruses and bacteria. UV rays render all the harmful living organisms present in water inactive. This gives you clean and fresh drinking water. Natural mineral elements are all retained by UV purifiers. The water purifier service near me in Gurgaon recommends excellent UV water filters. Water with TDS content below 200 ppm is ideal for UV purification.

The Role of Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water in Monsoon:

Water purification methods have risen with technological advancements. RO membrane removes all pathogens and impurities effectively. It prevents harmful substances from being in direct contact with the human body.

RO techniques can filter water irrespective of its source. RO purifier has double purification technology, destroying all the harmful microbes in water. It also filters out TDS and suspended particles.

There are multiple stages of purification in the RO system. Water passes through sedimentation filtration, carbon filtration, ultrafiltration, and post-carbon filtration.

The temperature during the monsoon season drops quite a bit. The unwanted moisture and humidity produces water impurities. This is why we should check the quality of water during monsoons. RO service in Gurgaon provides the best RO purifiers to cleanse the water during these unexpected environmental changes.

During monsoons, the water gets dirty and unfit for drinking. Water purifiers remove lead from drinking water, preventing hazards from entering the body.

 If you drink clean and safe water, it will protect the overall health of the body and prevent diseases. Children should drink pure water as they have a developing immune system sensitive to contaminants.

How Does Contaminated Water Affect Nutrients?

The increase in water pollution and improper treatment leads to increased TDS levels. Minerals and vitamins are also disproportionately increased. The RO purifier has a built-in ioniser that adds the required quantity of essential nutrients to the water. It also maintains the pH of water. This balance ensures safe and healthy drinking water.

When Do We Need Professional Help During Monsoon?

There are many different filtration types available in the market. Every single one faces unique challenges. The water during the monsoon becomes highly ionised due to temperature fluctuations and the mixing of harmful substances. As a result, the filters get clogged, and the viscous water corrodes the sensitive filters.

 It is at such times that you need to get your purifier serviced. A good water purifier repair service will make sure that the filters get replaced. They will perform the necessary electrical repair work. RO service providers will carefully monitor the flow of water. Experts also replace carbon cartridges at servicing.

What Is The Function Of The Appropriate Water Filter?

A perfect RO water filter should ensure the water is rich in minerals. It should also monitor the water quality regularly. RO purifiers should remove dangerous chemicals from the water. You must make sure that the purifier is cost-effective and easy to use.

Therefore, water treatment during monsoon season is compulsory. So we must check the source and quality of our water and buy a suitable filter. This will provide safe and clean drinking water.

Written by Enaa Mari

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