What kind of LED light fixtures are suitable for garages

What kind of LED light fixtures are suitable for garages

Garage lighting is a tricky subject when it comes to enabling proper functioning of the garage. These spaces are largely of convenience for storage, parking vehicles or using them as a workshop. Depending on the area of the garage a certain lighting layout is necessary to facilitate the relative tasks. Usual fluorescent lamps are the cheapest options available but they require a lot of maintenance in the long run and often cost a lot.

LED light fixtures for commercial areas on the other hand are highly suitable for garages as they have a similar environment to that of other indoor areas. Most of these fixtures require certain certifications and ratings which help them function in packed spaces with no natural light source.


Specifications of LED garage light fixtures

LED garage lights are typically basic light fixtures but with certain specifications which match the requirement of domestic and multipurpose garages. These specifications are necessary to provide the luminance level while also maintaining the integrity of the fixture. A usual LED light fixture has following components:



The frame or housing of the fixture is made up of aluminum which provides various advantages such as protection against dirt, dust, moisture, changes in temperature etc. These fixtures are IP rated and are sealed with the lens. The frame also has mounting brackets present on the rear which allows different mounting options for creating ambient lighting layout.


LED lamps are preferred over traditional lamps as they are much more efficient in many ways. The fixtures either use LED lamps or integrated LED chips. In linear fixtures LED chips are much brighter and more efficient. They last longer and require very less maintenance.


The lens is the outermost part of the fixture and it is made up of acrylic material. It is feasible in creating a diffused lighting pattern and provides light at different elevation levels.


These are basic specifications for garage light fixtures which makes them adaptable to different garage conditions. To choose the right option for your application, check this link.


LED light fixtures for garages


The basic light fixtures for garages are:

LED shop lights

Shop Lights are very versatile light fixtures for any commercial or domestic application. These fixtures are linear and have a very narrow frame. It can hold up to one or two lights but is also available in integrated lamp options. There are mounting brackets at the back of the fixture which allow different mounting options as well; it supports plug-n-play which makes them highly convenient for use over task spaces as well.

LED wraparound lights

LED wraparound light fixtures are a category of shop lights specifically for garage spaces with lower ceiling heights. The wraparound fixtures have lamps which are exposed and are covered/ wrapped around from typical lens surfaces. The beam angle of wraparound lights is wider and they spread light very conveniently over a large surface area. These lights are typically surface mounted as they have a broader beam coverage.

LED under cabinet lights

LED under cabinet lights are usually for kitchen spaces but they are excellent task lights as they are available in many different designs. Under cabinet lights are also available in battery operated and plug n play options which makes them even more reasonable for garage workshops. The different designs allow easy integration of these lamps on or around shelves as well.

LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights are the most powerful light fixtures in the market and they produce higher lumens than any other light fixtures. For most domestic garages, UFO high bay lights are convenient as they produce a very uniform lighting layout even if the garage is for parking. They provide uninterrupted luminance and can suspend from the ceiling at any height. The circular shape spreads even lighting over a large surface area and with the help of different reflectors the light can be adjusted for enhanced visibility and ambiance.


Benefits of using LED light fixtures

LED light fixtures have many advantages over traditional light fixtures even on a smaller scale. They provide excellent lighting conditions and uncompromisable quality.

Few of the major benefits of using LED light fixtures are:


–       Energy efficiency

LED light fixtures are 75% more efficient than traditional lamps and produce more light at the expense of less energy. These lights have an efficient heat sink which dissipates heat in a regular manner while also keeping the temperature of the environment balanced. Most traditional lamps are known to raise the temperature of the surroundings and often end up bursting or malfunctioning.

–       Low maintenance costs

LED requires little to no maintenance which is highly efficient in several ways as this does not disrupt the usual pace and reduces cost of maintenance over a span of years. Whereas traditional options require frequent replacement which ends up being costly as well.

–       Smart control options

LED light fixtures support smart lighting controls which make them up to date with modern day requirements. These light fixtures are dimmable, can be paired with motion sensors which are highly efficient and save a lot of electricity when the space is not in use. Most garages do not have a natural lighting source which makes these lights even more convenient for security and efficiency.

–       Eco-friendly

These light fixtures are also environment friendly which makes them quite a favourable option in today’s world. These lights function on green-lighting technology hence the light produced is soft glowy and free of radiation or harmful chemicals which might interact with other radiations. They also help reduce carbon footprint and are safe to recycle.

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