What NOT To Do During a Child Custody Case

What NOT To Do During a Child Custody Case

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most difficult things a family can go through. Plus, when child custody issues are added to the mix, it only grows more complicated.

When these proceedings take place, many negotiations are involved. There is a give and take on both sides, and it can quickly become clouded with emotions.

Especially during such complicated proceedings, it can be easy to lose your head and make a mistake. Staying informed and retaining the advice of an expert in the field are just a few ways to keep on top of your case and win over a favorable outcome.

For more information on how to handle child custody cases—and what not to do, specifically—keep reading!

Do Not Be Dishonest

One of the worst moves you can make when dealing with a child custody case is to lie. This includes everything from little white lies to fabricating stories or events.

Keep in mind—withholding important facts relative to your case is considered lying, as well.

These practices will not get you very far in your court proceedings. Plus, if you are caught lying under oath in court you may face perjury charges. You also stand a much higher chance of losing any potential for custody rights in the divorce case itself.

All in all, the risk is not worth the reward for lying during legal proceedings—especially when kids are involved.

Do Not Get Into a Negative Altercation With Your Ex-Spouse

Naturally, you may grow frustrated with your soon-to-be ex-spouse in the divorce process. But no matter how heated things get, it is imperative that you maintain your composure.

If you were to lose your head and enter into an altercation with your ex-spouse, no good can follow. Truthfully, when it all comes down to it, the court will not care who started it. Simply taking the high road and maintaining your cool in these moments will go a long way in proving your responsibility as a parent.

Plus, outside of the legal proceedings, this type of negative activity can be seriously detrimental to your children. For the sake of all involved, It is best to keep your cool as best you can.

If this is not possible—work on distancing yourself from your ex-spouse unless completely necessary.

Do Not Break Any Laws

Along the same vein, you must avoid breaking any laws during the course of your divorce and child custody proceedings. Of course, this is good advice to follow any other time.

But while you are making an effort to prove your fitness as a parent, it is imperative that you avoid any other legal trouble. Not only will this cause more issues at home, but you may find yourself in hot water with the child custody judge as well.

To ensure you come off as a positive influence on your children, and that the judge will confirm this assessment, avoid breaking any laws during the divorce process.

Do Not Avoid Court Orders

When orders are issued from the court, it is critical that you follow them closely. This is true for all stages of the divorce and custody process.

This provides a great opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to the court. The judge will take this as a sign of good faith, and further proof that you are fit to be a parent despite the dissolution of marriage.

This is especially true with child support or other mandated payments. Be sure to follow up on all court-ordered costs—as there are big consequences for missing these.

This is also true with custody schedules as provided by the court. While they may not always be perfectly matched with your own schedule, it is important that you work with the court and your ex-spouse to maintain the custody arrangement.

This will go a long way with the court—and your kids.

Do Not Fail to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

The world of divorce and child custody battles can quickly become convoluted. Laws vary by location and do not always favor one side or the other.

Plus, once emotions are taken into account, proceedings can become even more confusing. It is important to seek the advice of a neutral third party, who can bring a fresh perspective into the matter.

Overall, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when undergoing a child custody case is to be unprepared. Without the help of a child custody attorney, you may find yourself severely unmatched.

For this reason, it is imperative that you look into child custody lawyers in your area.

Just a simple google search for an attorney in this field often brings up multiple options. But, not all lawyers are created equal.

Be sure to carefully research your available options. Your chosen child custody lawyer should be well-versed in the national and state divorce laws and understand how it applies to your case.

Furthermore, they should be well-respected by both the court and the community. This way, you can put your best foot forward throughout the case.

Child Custody Lawyers Near Me

All in all, hiring an attorney who specializes in child custody cases can only help your case. It is imperative that you seek out a neutral party who can advise you of your rights and best interests, during such an emotionally charged time.

Consider hiring a child custody attorney for yourself, and see how you may benefit from their services.

Take this in addition to the above advice into consideration. It may just make or break your case altogether, as you fight for yourself and your family.

Written by Crystal Rae

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