What NOT to Do with Organic Green Tea

What NOT to Do with Organic Green Tea

Many people are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through food and beverages. Hence, organic products have become popular when shopping for food, healthy smoothies, organic tea and fruit juices. Loose leaf tea has a rich taste and brings numerous health benefits. For instance, organic green tea is rich in antioxidants, which remove free radicals that cause oxidative stress and cell damage. Hence, drinking a cup of tea can reduce your chances of getting cancer, premature aging and heart diseases. However, you cannot enjoy the benefits of green tea if you do not handle it correctly. Read on to discover the don’ts of organic green tea.

  1. Do Not Take Scalding Hot Tea

Tea is best consumed at warm temperatures for maximum benefits. If you regularly take scalding hot tea, it will irritate your throat and stomach. While most people brew their tea at 180 degrees, it is not advisable to drink beverages above 160 degrees since it increases the sensitivity of your stomach walls. You can prepare coffee at scalding temperatures to release the flavors, but you should wait for it to cool before serving. An alternative is to serve it in a teacup with a large surface area to speed up cooling. Also, check out Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Powder.

  1. Do not Steep Organic Tea Too Long

When preparing organic green tea, avoid steeping the tea bags for too long. The type of organic tea will determine the steeping time for maximum flavor and health benefits. The longest you can steep the beverage is five minutes, only applicable when preparing black tea. However, white and green teas require three minutes. Steeping your tea for long increases the concentration of caffeine and releases tannins, which makes your beverage bitter. Besides, tannins and caffeine often cause headaches and insomnia.

  1. Do Not Drink Tea After a Meal

It is not advisable to consume tea before or after a meal. For instance, if you take green tea before dinner, it dilutes your saliva and subdues your meal’s taste. If you want a cup before eating, ensure you finish it half an hour before your dinner. Taking tea after eating is also a bad idea. It is common knowledge that consuming any drink after a meal reduces gastric juice in the digestive system and disrupts the entire process. This slows down digestion causing stomach upsets. If you want to enjoy tea after dinner, wait an hour or buy organic green tea that aids digestion.

  1. Do Not Take Yesterday’s Tea

If you leave your tea standing for several hours, it loses most of its nutrients. While it may not be poisonous to consume, it has no nutritional value. However, it can provide various therapeutic benefits like soothing a sore tongue, reducing gum bleeding and inflammation of the mouth. You can also use yesterday’s tea to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles. While you cannot take yesterday’s tea, you can reuse tea bags to experience unique flavors and extract extra caffeine, provided you drip dry the tea leaves after steeping.

  1. Don’t Take Organic Tea with Medication

Many people swallow their pills with green tea instead of water, which can be detrimental. The composition of tea can mix with the chemical contents of your medicine, creating a dangerous combination. A common side effect of taking tea with medication is acidity and the reduced effectiveness of the pills.


If you love tea, it is vital to invest in brewing and serving equipment for maximum enjoyment. While you can stock different flavors to add to your tea, avoid artificial flavors and focus on savoring the natural taste of organic green tea available in the online tea and coffee shop.

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