What to Look For in a Drug Detox Center if You Have Tried Detoxing Before on Your Own

Drug Detox Center

Quitting drug use on your own can be very challenging for anyone, especially when done abruptly. It carries certain health risks depending on the drug involved, the level of dependence, and the severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

If you, your friend, or loved one has unsuccessfully tried to quit a substance use disorder, then a detox center might be the solution to your problem.

A drug detox center Texas is a facility dedicated to helping addicts manage withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxification. The detoxification process is the first stage of recovery and can significantly affect the addict’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

However, finding the right drug detox center is very important since it will determine the odds of you reclaiming your life. Here are a few pointers you should look out for when choosing a drug detox center.

1. Factor in the Location

You need to consider whether you’d like a facility that’s close to your home or far from where you live.

A center that’s far from your familiar surroundings can be a great idea since you’ll put yourself in a space far from the triggers that compel you to use your drug of preference. However, it will also mean that you’ll be far away from your support system, such as family and friends, which can make the healing process even more difficult. Get help from The Retreat.

2. Inpatient or Outpatient

There are generally two forms of treatment; inpatient and outpatient.

With inpatient treatment, you’ll be admitted at the facility, whereas with outpatient, you’ll attend treatment during the day, but you’ll have to stay at home. There’s no one better option between the two. It all depends on your circumstance and needs.

However, note that inpatient facilities generally have a higher success rate and will cost you more. Outpatient treatment facilities are cheaper but will allow you to live your normal life, whether it’s school, work, or taking care of the family.

3. Duration of the Treatment

Another aspect you’ll consider is the estimated treatment duration. Bear in mind that the program has to be flexible enough to accommodate your personal life.

Some programs run for two to four weeks while others last for a shorter period. You need to factor in your responsibilities before checking yourself into a treatment program. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you can’t get the full value of your money in treatment because you had to attend to an important matter at work.

4. Does the Drug Detox Center Provide Other Forms of Therapy

Does your ideal detoxification facility only provide detox, or are there other forms of therapy available?

You should choose a drug detox center that offers a range of treatment options for your physical and mental health. For instance, since addiction compels people to neglect activities that they used to find meaningful, experiential therapy can help you rediscover social activities that you will find fun and engaging.

This way, you’ll find something meaningful to do with your leisure time.

5. Does the Detoxification Program Allow Family Involvement

At times, the family of a person struggling with a substance use disorder wants nothing to do with him/her. Other times, the family is pushing the addict to make a change in their life and battle their addiction.

Nonetheless, you want to check yourself into a drug detox center that allows for family participation during the treatment. As much as you might receive the support of the clinical staff while receiving treatment, family is key to building a concrete foundation for recovery.

For example, some addicts develop their addictions as a result of family conflict. As such, family therapy can help uncover such underlying issues to avoid a possible relapse.

The Bottom Line

Drug addicts are often highly defensive of their drug use and don’t like to admit that they suffer from an addiction. Those who acknowledge their addiction usually try to quit cold turkey because they don’t want to seem so vulnerable that they need professional help or fear the stigmatization of being associated with rehab.

Whatever the case, a drug detox center will help you live a life of sobriety so take the time to research which one suits your needs the most.

Written by Enaa Mari

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