What You Need to Know About Using the Best Acne Creamy Wash

Best Acne Creamy Wash

People who suffer from chronic or persistent acne use the best acne creamy wash products to keep it under control, and rightly so. While it would be great if it was as easy as slapping it on and washing it off, it’s not that simple.

However, don’t worry, as the only other thing you need is a bit of in-depth knowledge about what these kinds of benzoyl peroxide (BP) products offer. That’s what we dive into now.

All Ways Read Manufacturers’ Instructions 

Of course, most types of BP creams, washes and lotions will essentially work the same way, but that shouldn’t make you complacent enough not to read the manufacturer’s guide that details how the best acne creamy wash should be used.

Don’t Just Treat Each Spot

Something else that you should know before using BP treatment for acne is that you need to treat the whole area, rather than just the spot or spots in question. If you don’t, you risk missing areas that have bacteria, meaning it won’t be long until the spots just come right back again.

Listen to Your Skin In Terms of Frequency

Ideally, manufacturers of BP products will want you to use them twice a day for best results; once in the morning and once in the evening. That said, if you’re running a twice-a-day regime and you’re getting peeling or redness, don’t just keep on going and hoping for the best.

Instead, drop down to once a day in the evening. Should that still not be enough to lessen the irritation, consider reducing the concentration of the product you’re using.

Wash, Treat, Repeat

When using the best acne creamy wash, paying attention to the details can make the difference between great results and poor ones. So, you should always wash the area before treatment and leave it for around 15 minutes. Nothing fancier than soap and luke-warm water is required, so long as the area is free of oil and built-up dirt.

Moisturize the Skin Post-Treatment

Even if you’ve got the right strength for your skin type and acne requirements, there’s a more than average chance that your skin might feel a little dry afterwards. This is fairly normal and can be helped by applying a light moisturizer afterwards to provide some hydration.

As you’re someone who’s got an issue with acne – typically resulting from clogged pores – a non-comedogenic moisturizer is the only option to consider. Absolutely do not use oil-rich creams, as this is just asking for trouble.

The More Experienced You Get, The Easier It Is

Using the best acne creamy wash to combat acne only really represents part of the equation. Of course, it’s a good start, but it matters what you do in between treatment and indeed, how and when you use the product too.

The good news is that the more experienced and in tune with your skin you get, the easier it is. Also, if your acne clears up, don’t stop your regime, as it’s just as important for keeping it away.

Written by Enaa Mari

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