What’s the difference between cheap and expensive multimeters?


When it comes to tools or other devices, everyone will want to get the best possible deal. The best possible deal might mean a low-cost option that still does its job well.

The same applies to multimeters.  That is why it is common to see someone wondering whether to choose an expensive multimeter or opt for the cheaper one.

If that has been bugging you, then you will be glad you stumbled upon this text. We are pitting the cheap multimeters vs the expensive ones to see why you should pick one over the other one.

When purchasing multimeter for hvac work, you will need to check that they are compatible with the systems you will be using so that you get an accurate reading.


Let’s dive right in.

What Are the Features of Cheap Multimeters?

The most obvious feature of cheap multimeters is their price. They are incredibly cheap and won’t cost you over 50 dollars. That is a major reason why many people who don’t professionally use multimeters prefer them.

  • Cheap multimeters have less sophisticated features. Most of the time, they will only help you to test the most basic electrical properties. Those functions are voltage, current, resistance and continuity.
  • Cheap multimeters basically have less durable material. They are, therefore, prone to mechanical damage, especially when you accidentally drop them. Analog multimeters are classic examples of cheap multimeters.
  • Cheap multimeters also come with simpler designs. They don’t have the overly elaborate features of the more expensive multimeters. Consequently, they are easier to use. They, however, will guarantee you accuracy to a certain extent.

Are they worth it?

If all you want to do is some basic testing or can’t afford a more expensive multimeter, cheap multimeters will be an excellent option for you. You might get a good deal with a cheap multimeter if you look around for the best deals.

What are the Features of Expensive Multimeters?

Most digital multimeters from Fluke would fall under this category. They have sophisticated features, and they can also test for so many different electrical properties. Unlike the cheaper instruments, they promise you higher precision for whatever test you want to carry out.

Expensive multimeters also tend to have several convenient features that make them relatively easier to use. The features compensate for the elaborate designs that would otherwise make the instrument harder to use.

Such features include the data hold, backlit display, automatic ranging, rubber corners, among others. The backlight means you can use such multimeters even in the dark.

With the automatic ranging feature, you won’t have to manually set the range before using it. That saves you a lot more time than if you would have done it manually.

While going for expensive multimeters, it is essential to distinguish between an expensive and an overpriced multimeter. Some are quite expensive but do not have any of the features we have mentioned above. You should avoid such multimeters.

Are they worth it?

If you are looking for a multimeter that will guarantee you precise results, spending a bit more will help. While some of them might not be ideal for you, expensive multimeters can be worth every penny provided you choose right.

Final Thoughts

Where you decide to go for a cheap or expensive multimeter, you are sure to get the results you need. But if you can afford an expensive multimeter, why not get it?


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