When Do I Need a Maritime Injury Lawyer?

Did you know that maritime transportation workers are subjected to higher fatality rates due to their work environment?

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury at sea, know that there are ways for you to get the justice you deserve. There are special laws in place to protect maritime workers in the event that they suffer a maritime injury, or even death.

So, what are these laws? How do they protect you? And in what circumstances should you hire a maritime lawyer for assistance?

This article addresses all those questions and more.

Let’s dive right into it!

What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime laws are also sometimes called admiralty laws. These are in place to protect all maritime workers who may suffer injury or death at sea.

In general, these include the Jones Act, the Longshore Claims Act, and the Death on High Seas Act.

Now, the Jones Act holds employers accountable for maritime injuries that occur as a result of their negligence. Here, negligence can include damaged equipment, poor training, or a failure to perform an employer’s duty of care towards the employee in question. To be liable under this Act, the injury must have occurred while performing the job.

The Longshore Claims Act, is in place to protect employees who work on land, but whose work is closely linked to offshore work.

Finally, the Death on High Seas Act is designed to protect the employee’s loved ones in the event of death at sea due to employer negligence.

When Should You Hire a Maritime Lawyer?

There are several instances during which you could benefit from hiring a qualified maritime injury lawyer.

If you are a maritime worker who has suffered injury owing to the negligence of your employer, you will be entitled to compensation. Having an experienced maritime injury lawyer by your side will allow you to present your evidence effectively and create the strongest possible claim against your employer.

Similarly, if you are the loved one of a deceased maritime worker, who was victim to the negligence of their employer, you will benefit from hiring a maritime lawyer to help you with your claim.

Maritime laws are very different from land laws and require an expert within the field to navigate the often tricky legal processes involved.

If you are unsure of whether or not you are eligible for compensation under maritime law, talk to an attorney to get personalized advice with regard to your case.

Get the Justice You Deserve

If you are a ship, dock or harbor worker, an oil rig worker or any other kind of maritime employee, you are entitled to compensation for maritime injuries caused due to employer negligence.

Get the justice you deserve and the compensation you are entitled to, by consulting a qualified maritime lawyer today!

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Written by Crystal Rae

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