When is the peak moving season in 2022?

When is the peak moving season in 2022

Regardless of the fact why you are considering relocation whether it is because of your job, the start of school or to live in a big or small home or because of any other important life events, one thing is always common that you are not moving alone, right? If you are the one who is considering moving in 2022 and want to know the peak season of the year then as per statistics, every year, 80 percent of moves take place from April to September. Just hire local moving companies associated with iMoving, a reliable moving service marketplace and have a smoother move. Know why summer is peak season:

Employee transfers 

For many companies present out there, summer is the slow point of the year therefore they find it just the best time to transfer their employees. Therefore, most of the moves that are done because of job transfer happen in the summer months.

Summer break 

Kids get summer break that makes it an ideal time for families to relocate. For students, it is important not to lose their one year of education. If moving in between the school year then it can be very disruptive for students. This is the time when they can transit smoothly and this also allows them to make new friends.

Easy to buy home 

Home sales are picked up in the spring and built through in the summer season it is because it is quite difficult to evaluate a property or a home when it covered with snow all over. Therefore, people don’t purchase or sell homes during the winter season. Also, families with kids tend to move in the summer season therefore they buy a home then only.

Lease expiration 

There are certain regions in which the date of lease expiration is set to 30th June or 31st July that is why people relocate during these days. This is because of the time that it is easier for the landlord to repair or repaint their home during this season.


Weather is the biggest reason. People who pick winters to relocate can see a lot of hurdles because of unpredictable weather conditions such as snowstorms. During summer, the weather is in favor to relocate, and all the things like packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading can be done with ease. But at the same time if there is extreme heat outside then the weather could make it tough for you to do laborious moving task.

Is summer the best time to relocate? 

No, not at all. Certainly, this is not the best time. If you want a stress-free move at a cost affordable rate then moving during the off-season is an ideal option. But if you are not flexible then you can get the help of movers and can also move during the summer season. It is based on your particular situations and preferences and for all, the best time is not the same. Check out the tips to move in summer:

Book movers earlier 

Remember that you are going to relocate in peak season so you don’t have time to snooze. Book your movers as soon as you decide to get suitable professionals who can work according to your needs. This helps you to pick from a wide array of moving companies else if you do it at the end moment then you will be limited in choice and have to compromise on the quality services.

Try to move in mid-month or mid-week 

If you want discounts and want to save your hard-earned money then moving in the middle of the month is a great way. This is the time when you can get the best possible available deal. Also, try to move in the very beginning and end of the peak season. Also, you could consider moving on before and after memorial or labor day because these are the days less in demand and movers will be more available for you and are more likely to give you special offers.

Save money by decluttering 

The more stuff you want to move, the more you have to spend. Consider this as a decluttering opportunity and get rid of almost everything. The more you have to move, the more time will be required and the more complicated the process will be. Make sure you take only the essential items with you to reduce the moving cost.

The peak time!!!

  • June, July, and august
  • The beginning and the end of the month
  • Weekends are the most sought-after days
  • Holidays

Try not to move on these days.


When you have professionals to help with you then moving will become easier for you, irrespective of the season you choose. The best time for relocation varies from the need of person to person. You have to decide the best time for yourself to evaluate your situations and needs and the above guide will make your relocation easier.

Written by Enaa Mari

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