When to Use an Immigration Attorney

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Many people long for a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle. People find happiness in all manner of ways, some of them find it in the rewards gained by a career that helps others or a business that employs top talent and skills necessary to move the company forward.

For other people a rewarding lifestyle not only includes tips on how to purchase eco-friendly products or make the most out of your vacation time or find a good work-life balance, but moving to a country where such lifestyle tips can be achieved. For many people this can mean moving to the United States whether it is for work or because of marriage, or because of Asylum.

In any of these situations It’s always important to know when you should use an immigration attorney and when you might be able to do things on your own for relatively simple legal matters that don’t require a lot of extra paperwork or substantiation.

U.S. immigration law is very complex. There are many situations where hiring an immigration attorney near you can save you time, frustration, and in a lot of cases money. It might be easier to hire an attorney to handle your applications correctly the first time rather than having to redo it yourself multiple times.

When do I need to hire an immigrant attorney?

There are many situations where you might consider consulting with a top immigration attorney.

  • If you are currently unsure about your eligibility for a green card or particular type of Visa, an attorney can help review your case.
  • If you are currently receiving government assistance while you are living in America, and you want to verify whether that type of assistance can result in denial of your immigration application, an attorney can help.
  • If you are filing for asylum, you have to persuade immigration authorities of the extenuating circumstances surrounding your case as part of your application, something with which an attorney can help.
  • If you are having difficulty obtaining your green card, getting your immigration benefits, filing for a work visa, or obtaining citizenship, an attorney can help you supply the additional evidence you need to substantiate your claim.
  • If you have been deported from the United States, but you want to return, the process is a bit more complicated than a regular immigration application because there are extenuating circumstances, another area where an attorney might be of assistance.
  • Similarly, if you are trying to come to the United States or you are currently in the United States as an immigrant but you have been convicted of a criminal offense, an attorney can help determine whether that criminal offense might result in deportation or a denial of your immigration application and what steps to take thereafter.
  • If you are currently in the United States but for whatever reason your Visa or immigration status has been revoked or you are facing deportation, an attorney can help you in the removal proceedings.
  • If you want to move to the United States to work, and an employer has given you an offer, there are situations where that employment offer doesn’t come with immigration assistance in which case you might consider working with an Immigration lawyer who can help you.

When you review your Visa or immigration application, it might seem easy enough at first to handle on your own; however, there is actually a great deal of paperwork, many forms, and a lot of evidence you might have to provide as part of your application. One mistake can result in your application being denied where you have to fix everything and resubmit it, taking more time and money.

Working with an attorney can offer clarification on any areas of your application that you don’t quite understand, help you determine which form or type of immigration status is best for your situation, and remind you of your responsibilities while an immigrant, and when you might need to update your status such as when you get married.

How do I know if my immigration attorney is legitimate?

When you hire a top immigration attorney, it can be a scary and frightening process. You are paying someone into whose hands you place your future especially where legal immigration matters are concerned. Choosing an attorney can determine whether you get the visa you want, or whether you get deported. That said, everyone worries whether they have chosen the right attorney and more importantly, whether their attorney is legitimate.

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