Where to buy a dumbbell set?

Where to buy a dumbbell set

Welcome to another write up of lumbuy, this main course is basically for the fitness freaks. Today, we’re going to review dumbbells.  I will also tell you about an online shopping website where you can get your own 5 all the way up to a 60lb dumbbell set. All you are going to need is these two things. It’s a good investment to have a basement gym and where you can get some cheap dumbbells for the future for the next quarantine.

In 2021 the majority of dumbbells come with a quick spin design. We just flick your wrist and it goes to the weight you want; these only go from a five to 60lb dumbbell set. So, Obviously not for everybody but for people that are maybe just starting out or they don’t need a lot of weight for right now they want to do more reps or maybe you just want to get something that’s decent for now and then when lumbuy offers sale or prices come back down on all the more expensive adjustable dumbbells then you can get those.

Quick Review about 60lb Dumbbell set

I’m going to do a quick review on the dumbbell set, it does have a nice metal handle. It has a little bit of knurling on it it’s not a lot but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to slip when it’s in your hands it feels it feels very grippy all you got to do is just spin this and you can select your weight up till 60lb dumbbell set so basically it’s five sets of dumbbells in one. You can adjust the weights according to your strength. Which is nice for people that want to save space or maybe they want to slide this under their bed or they don’t have room for a rack or whatever or dumbbell rack and you also save these right now are about 140 bucks a piece so for both of these it’s about 280 bucks plates are metal.

If we talk about the style of 60lb dumbbell set it’s just like the bow flex type style as far as that but yet it’s like the core home fitness or noodle bell where you just spin the middle. So, it’s very easy to adjust the weight of fly birds at 60 lb. With these weight limitations it looks a lot more compact. If you go for a lot bigger weights it will just look goofy looking. Therefore, this one feels a lot more natural in your hand than the bigger ones.

Safe to use

There’s little metal like spike looking things when you put this down on there it pushes in on the bottom and that’s what allows you to spin this because if you don’t have that on there it won’t spin with when you have the weights on it, it won’t spin until this gets pushed down on that one thing I do like about these for safety wise is because of the plates being grooved like this when you pick this up and say you go to do overhead work it can’t drop because it has that in grooving. So, the weight plates are actually held up by that. If something did fail it’s still going to be grooved in there so it shouldn’t be able to drop on you unless you spin it this way which you shouldn’t be doing.

Concluding Remarks

People that maybe don’t have a ton of money or maybe you’re just getting into working out or just trying to find something to start lifting with I think these are very good options for those people. If you’re in the 5 to 60lb dumbbell set weight range you can also prefer rubber coated dumbbells and it comes with the stand. Lumbuy is the best online dumbbell buying option for the pandemic crap we’re going through. If you have any questions leave your comment below in the comment section.

Written by Enaa Mari

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