Where To Buy Real Katana Swords?

Where To Buy Real Katana Swords?

Samurai sword enthusiasts are always looking for the best Katana for Sale at the best prices they can get. Genuine Japanese katanas are made in confirmation with ancient Japanese customs with the best of metal in accordance with the strictest standards and procedures. Choosing the right Katana based on the right set of features of the sword can help you become the owner of a lifelong prized possession. This is why you should know how to tell the difference between an original Katana and a cheap replica.

How To Differentiate Between a Real or Fake Katana?

There are some things you need to know before you start asking yourself where to buy a real katana. One of the key factors to take into consideration is the sword’s authenticity. This will become the key feature to differentiate between a collectible katana or an item used as ornamentation at home. Let’s look at the characteristics and features of a “real” katana in greater detail to understand a sword’s value. 

“Nihonto” katanas are molded in Japan with the traditional techniques used by certified master swordsmiths. The word “nihonto” means that the sword has been produced within Japan and it should come with a certificate of authenticity. These kinds of swords can take months or sometimes up to a year to produce if they are being custom-made to the client’s requirements. It will become evident from the price that there has been a lot of hard work put into producing such a sword. 

Master swordsmiths outside of Japan, particularly in the United States, can also produce excellent quality swords using similar techniques as the blacksmiths in Japan. These swordsmiths might not use a ‘tatara’ (furnace) or the traditional ‘tamagahane’ (steel) as the Japanese because they use state-of-the-art tools and contemporary methods. But the swords they produce are exquisite pieces and some of these swordsmiths might even be able to customize your sword based on your requirements. Let’s look at the different features of a customized Katana.

Folded Steel

Folded steel is a process of layering multiple steel alloys of different properties to produce a metal with the best combination of strength, resistance, sharpness, and malleability for a sword. The reason why the Japanese used this method is that the raw metals used for producing these swords in those days were not of high quality. The way to identify folded steel is to look for delicate, infinitesimally small, spiraling, or swirling lines on the blade. Another way to produce the same effect on a sword is to use Damascus steel but it might not have the same finish depending on the proficiency of the blacksmith. 

Hamon Temper Line

The Hamon is a visual demarcation in the steel where the sword has been tempered and it is evidence that the edge of the sword is harder than the spine of the sword. A sword can have a ‘suguha’ (straight) or a ‘midare’ (wavy) Hamon on the steel. The more expensive swords will combine more than one kind of Hamon on the same blade because this will require the artisan to have exceptional expertise in handling the metal.

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