Where to find fashionable glasses online

Where to find fashionable glasses online

After the past couple of years, our spending habits have changed, with most of us choosing to shop online for everyday essentials. Whether it be new clothing, homeware, shoes or even groceries – the availability of goods to shop online is more prominent than ever. Everything is so readily available online – including eyeglasses!

SmartBuyGlasses is a leading online eyewear retailer, offering high-quality designer glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices – without compromising on quality. Their online store is home to a variety of fashionable frame styles, like classic cat-eyes, stand out pilot shapes, and retro round frames. Offering a value collection alongside high-end designer frames, you can buy cheap glasses online from SmartBuyGlasses, with frames starting from as little as £6. The online store is easy to browse, with the eyewear retailer offering something suitable for everyone, including glasses for women, men and kids! You’re sure to find the perfect frames to match your outfits, whether you’re working from home, heading into the office, playing sports or heading for an evening out with friends!

Follow these simple steps below to shopping glasses online:

  1. Identify your face shape

This is one of the most crucial steps in finding out which glasses will suit you best. With so many frame styles available, it can be pretty overwhelming to shop for glasses online, so this helps to narrow down the selection a little bit. For example, cat-eye frames can really suit an oval shaped face, while square shaped faces can look great in round or oval frames. If you have a round shaped face, classic rectangle frames could be right for you. If you need more help, SmartBuyGlasses offers a useful frame shape guide and other style guides in its blog.

  1. Try glasses on virtually

Using the latest tech, SmartBuyGlasses offers a virtual try-on service, so you can try on your favourite glasses frames from the comfort of your own home! All you need to do is download the app and take a five-second selfie video from your desktop or mobile, by simply turning your head to the left and right to give an accurate reading of your face shape, and you’re done! You can then try hundreds of glasses frames styles on, just like using a virtual mirror.

  1. Get your prescription

If you’re one of the organised bods, you’ll probably have your latest prescription filed away somewhere, ready and raring to make your next glasses purchase. If you haven’t got your prescription to hand, SmartBuyGlasses has the best solution for you! Using their ingenious Prescription Lens Scanner app, you can easily identify the prescription in your current glasses lenses. Bear in mind that you still need to make sure that your eyes are healthy, having them scanned by a professional optician every two years.

  1. Personalise your glasses

So, you’ve picked your favourite pair of glasses; you’ve checked they suit your face shape by using the virtual try-on tool, you’ve added your prescription using the nifty lens scanner app – what next? Simply add the frames to your basket and choose which lenses you need. With premium lens upgrade options available, you can choose to add various coatings and tints to get the most out of your eyewear purchase and personalise them to suit you. Transition lenses will automatically change their level of tint according to the light conditions when exposed to UV light, whilst tinted lenses remain the same tint but reduce glare in harsh lighting conditions. You could choose mirrored lenses, polarised lenses and even the innovative blue light filter lenses, known as zFORT™, designed to protect you from the harmful blue light that is emitted from our digital screens. SmartBuyGlasses also have a fantastic range of blue light blocking glasses available, which are perfect for those who work each day on a computer screen!

Whatever your style, prescription or personal preferences, you’re bound to find a pair of glasses you not only like, but love. All frames come with a best price guarantee, 2-year warranty and 100 days to return. Happy shopping!

Written by Enaa Mari

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