Which Appliance Colors Match Your Home Decor?

Which Appliance Colors Match Your Home Decor

When you’re upgrading your kitchen with new appliance such as sink, Make sure you choose an ADA compliant kitchen sink as they offer a huge new variety which will enhance the look of your kitchen. Also it’s wise to consider the colors that will be around it. After all, you may be inserting a new fridge into a white kitchen or one with lots of colors. And you want your fridge to complement what’s around it. Also, you can prefer commercial undercounter fridges that looks very luxurious.

Curious to learn more? Read on to find out how to choose appliance colors that match your decor!

Stick with the Old Standards for Classic Style

Wondering how to choose kitchen colors? If you’ve gone with a white kitchen — essentially a blank slate — you can add just about any color to the mix. But it can be hard to know how to choose appliance colors.

For a clean and cohesive look, go with white appliances. To modernize this look, go with a glossy finish as opposed to a matte one. And keep the handles and other fixtures minimal.

Whatever you do, don’t add any bisque-colored appliances to a white kitchen. You’ll end up with a look that clashes!

Mix Wood and Metals for a Rich Style

With wooden cabinets, you might think that white or black dishwashers and fridges are the best way to go. These two color choices will pop out more, however, against the wood grain. This is especially true if you have a cherry finish on your cabinets.

Instead, stick with stainless steel appliances. The industrial look of metal is a perfect contrast against the weathered look of the wood.

And when you’re wondering how to choose appliance finishes, go for a brushed option. This provides a softer appearance that will complement the natural appearance of the wood.

Try Fun Appliance Colors for a Custom Look

For a fun kitchen or laundry room, be bold with your color scheme. Red, blue, and green have become part of an expanded pool of color options available to consumers these days. You can make doing laundry a little more fun with a red dryer!

Are you concerned that you’re too distracted by pretty colors to evaluate the quality of an appliance? When you need help finding the best appliance brands, turn to Appliance Accreditor for clear and comprehensive reviews.

Go with Black and White

Black appliances may seem more challenging to integrate into a room — but they can shine! If you have a clean white kitchen, you’ll create a harmonious contrast with some shiny black appliances.

Add some checkerboard floors for retro flare. Or choose a backsplash with black grout that plays up the modern theme! Your kitchen or laundry room with gain enough contrast to catch someone’s eye without overwhelming it.

Understand How to Choose Appliance Colors

With so many appliance colors to choose from, you’ll want to know what kind of environment you want to create first. You can stick with classic white appliances in a white kitchen, or go modern with glossy finishes. For a richer look, pair stainless steel with your oak cabinets.

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Written by Crystal Rae

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