Which is better FUE or FUT hair transplant?

Which is better FUE or FUT hair transplant?
  1. Hair-Crucial part of Integumentary System:

Hairs are a must part of the mammalian integumentary system. Hairs start growing within the mother’s womb and continue to grow throughout life. Hairs are present in different parts of the body and perform different functions depending upon their location.

Humans have hairs on multiple sites e.g. Scalp, axilla, arms, chest, legs, groin, etc. However, scalp hairs are the most important ones because these are the ones seen by everyone. Scalp hairs have to perform a lot of functions also.

  1. Baldness:

Hair fall in biological terms is called baldness. It is common nowadays. Almost 60% of men become bald after 25. Men are more prone to baldness than women. There are a lot of causes of baldness but hereditary is the most common cause. Many men have reported hair fall after 22 and become completely bald within 3 to 4 years.

  1. Causes of Baldness:

Baldness is due to several causes but a few have more influence than others. Some of the reasons for baldness are discussed below:

  • Genetic Cause:

It is the most common cause. A man whose father is bald has a 75% chance of becoming bald. Baldness is mainly due to a defect in AR Gene on the “X” Chromosome. If both alleles of this chromosome show baldness, the child will be bald.

  • Age Factor:

Age is also an important factor in baldness. Due to increasing age, hairs face more damage and thus fall easily. Also hair roots or bulbs become more sensitive with increasing age.

  • Other factors:

Several other factors contribute a lot to hair fall. Some of these factors are poor nutrition to hairs, applying toxic chemicals for hair modification, etc. Water used for washing hair also plays a vital role in hair growth and fall.

  1. Treatment of Baldness:

Today baldness is no more a problem. You can easily grow your scalp hairs with minor surgeries. Today biological knowledge helps us to grow dense hairs similar to the earlier one. Following are two commonly used surgeries for baldness:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation.
  1. FUE:

In Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, a single hair follicle is removed from that patient. The most common sites are the back of the head, thighs, etc. 3 to 4 hairs along with their follicles are removed and then placed on the scalp. A small puncture is made on the scalp of the patient using microneedles and a hair bulb is then placed on this site.

This procedure is time-consuming and requires professional skills. The surgeon can perform this surgery in a single meeting or multiple small surgeries depending upon the requirement of the patient. It is not painful as complete surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

  1. FUT:

In Follicular Unit Transplantation, a complete strip of skin is removed from that patient and then placed on the scalp under local anesthesia. This strip consists of multiple hair follicles and thus surgeon feels at ease performing this surgery. The site of extraction of skin is the same as used in fue hair transplant.

FUT is also called “Strip Surgery” as a strip of hair is removed. It is easier to perform and can be done in a single meeting. It costs less expensive and requires less skill work than FUE.

  1. Difference between FUE and FUT:

Outcomes of both these procedures are the same but there are a lot of differences in both procedures and certainties of these surgeries. Major highlighting differences are discussed below:

  • Procedure:

In FUE, the surgeon extracts a single follicular unit while in FUT surgeon extracts multiple units.

  • Time:

FUE is more time-consuming than FUT and is usually done in multiple meetings. While FUT is done in a single sitting.

  • Cost:

FUE is more expensive than FUT as a surgeon has to perform multiple local surgeries while FUT is cheaper due to less skill work.

  • Linear Scar:

After FUT, we will see a linear scar on the scalp due to the strip. While after FUE, we will notice only tiny dots which are poorly visible by human eyes.

  1. Our Verdict:

Both FUE and FUT are happening nowadays in cosmetic clinics. If you have no time and money issues, FUE is best for you. Although it requires both time and money, it is more neat and clean than FUT. FUT sometimes left a linear scar on the scalp. So always prefer FUE on FUT.

However, your choice between the two is also likely to be affected by experts’ suggestions depending on your hair condition and other factors. Thus, it is suggested to consult the best health experts before choosing any of them. You can even consult the health experts by connecting with them through the best site for healthcare like Numan, where a team of experts and clinicians is more than willing to assist you at every step of the treatment. It is suggested to take a good decision for yourself with their advice.

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