Which Is Better Hola Free or Premium?

Which Is Better Hola Free or Premium?

Hola is a very popular VPN brand and is used by millions of users. However, many users recommend Hola Free to be better than the paid version. So, here we are going to find Hola Free or Premium which VPN is good, and which one a user should choose.

About Hola VPN

Hola is one of the most popular VPN brands and has over 100 million active downloads. Hola is an Israel-based VPN brand and is way different than ordinary VPN brands. Where most VPN use physical servers, Hola uses a network of P2P networks for hiding the IP address or providing anonymity to its users. Now, let’s move on to this Hola Free vs Premium comparison to find which version is better for you.

What Are The Prices Of Hola VPN?

With Hola, you are provided with one free and two paid plans. We have mentioned the features of all these plans in the further parts. The pricing of the paid plans of the Hola VPN are:

Period Hola Premium (10 Licenses) Hola Ultra (20 Licenses)
1 Month $14.99 $29.99
1 Year $7.69 $19.99
3 Year $2.99 $7.99

These are the prices that a user will have to pay for getting access to the paid plans of Hola. However, using Hola VPN Coupon Code will help you to avail of some cash discount on this VPN. Now, let’s find is it worth paying for its plans or not by comparing its features.

Number Of Servers Offered With Hola Free And Hola Premium Plans

Hola VPN has a quite good range of around 1500 servers. With the Hola Free VPN, you are provided access to 1/3rd of these servers (i.e, 500 servers). However, if you opt for the Hola Premium plan then you can get access to around 1000 servers. So, the Hola Premium plan provides you access to a wider range of servers. However, access to 500 servers is not bad in the case of a free VPN. Do check out ha tunnel for pc for better games.

Which Is More Secure, Hola Free Or Premium?

If you are willing the use the Hola Free VPN then you will be compromising with your security. The Free VPN doesn’t use any kind of encryption or protocols to secure your traffic. This means anyone can spoof into your activities. However, with Hola Premium, you don’t have to worry as it uses industry-best encryption for securing your data.

However, in terms of privacy, we found none of them useful. It collects almost all kinds of information. Apart from this, it is based in Israel that can prove to be a major threat to your privacy.

Which Is Better To Access Country-Specific Websites?

A large part of the population only purchases a VPN for accessing the sites that are banned in a specific region. And in our tests, we found that both free and premium versions of Hola VPN were capable of accessing the geo-restricted sites.

However, if you want to access the streaming platforms that Netflix then it is suggested to choose the Hola paid VPN as the free VPN provides a limited amount of daily usage. Apart from this, with the free version, you can stream videos in SD quality whereas the Hola Premium version allows you to stream videos in HD quality.

So, here we compared the aspects of this VPN. On the basis of this comparison, we found Hola Free VPN to be useful if you want to bypass the geo-restrictions. However, if streaming and security are your concern, then you should go with the Premium plan.

Additional Features Of The Hola Premium VPN

There are some additional features that you can access if you opt for the paid Hola VPN. These features are:

  • Unlimited Streaming: The premium plan of Hola doesn’t limit your streaming. So with it, you can stream as much as you want without any restriction.
  • Access To Various IP Addresses: Hola operators on a P2P network and allows you to use the IP address of various users. It has a network of more than 7 million IP addresses that you can use by using it.
  • Smart DNS: The paid plan of Hola also comes with a smart DNS feature. This feature helps you in preventing your IP from getting leaked.
  • Customer Support: The Hola Free VPN doesn’t provide any kind of support to its users. However, with the Hola Premium plan, you can get your queries solved through email support.

So, these are some of the amazing features to which you can get access if you choose the paid plan of the Hola VPN.

The Bottom Line

So far we have compared the various features of paid and free VPN for Hola. From that, we found that it is worth paying for the Hola Premium VPN only if you want to access the internet safely or want to access various streaming sites. For doing minor tasks, it is suggested to go with the Hola Free VPN. You can also opt for Hola VPN alternatives if you want to enjoy both high-quality streaming and security at affordable prices.

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