Why Choose the Top Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

Know the benefits offered by hiring divorce lawyer for your case

If you and your partner are divorcing, you probably wonder if you require a divorce attorney in Singapore. Nonetheless, engaging a skilled divorce lawyer could assist you in navigating the divorce process in a mutually beneficial and timely manner. A skilled attorney could help you navigate the complexities of child custody, asset distribution, child support, and other difficulties that may arise.

Why Choose Us?

We have the greatest family and top divorce attorney in Singapore, both in terms of the attorney numbers and the number of cases we have dealt with in the Singapore Family Justice Courts. Various publications frequently identify our top divorce lawyers as one of the best Family Law Practice Groups. 

We are the only Level 1 practice in Family and Matrimonial in Benchmark Litigation Asia Pacific from 2019 to date. Besides, the Doyle’s Guide named this practice group as the sole level one law firm practicing divorce and family law in Singapore from 2015 to 2021. We were recently featured in The Straits Times’ inaugural rating of ‘Singapore’s Best Law Firms in 2021’ in the category of Family Law.

Whereas these honors are greatly appreciated, we are not constantly seeking additional recognition. Our tireless quest for client happiness continues. Our personnel are exceptional, and our conduct is exceptional, which results in unique results for our clients. Good leadership, empowerment, passion, accountability, and our commitment to this shared goal are all part of our dedication to greatness.

Dealing With Both Contested And Uncontested Divorce

Our family and divorce attorneys have significant and diverse expertise, counseling clients and handling contentious and uncontested divorces, custody conflicts, matrimonial asset distribution, sophisticated asset tracking, maintenance issues, and Syariah divorces.

Our skilled attorneys work with the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) as mediators. Besides, two of our attorneys were among the first batch of Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) attorneys, an outside court legal scheme offered by the SMC, enabling divorcing spouses to address conflicts without filing a lawsuit.

As members of the committee, our attorneys were also involved in the development of the new Family Justice Regulations and the founding of the new Family Justice Court. Barrie Family Lawyer can help you get what you want for your family.

A Team Of Lawyers You Can Trust

A network of committed divorce lawyers, led by a partner and backed by seasoned legal associates and competent support employees, provides specialized and specific attention to each client. The legal interests of the client come first. With our significant expertise, we completely acknowledge and appreciate how emotionally draining, mentally exhausting, financially demanding, and spiritually draining marital processes may be. As a result, we are ardent believers in the significance of confidentiality and discretion. 

To deliver thorough solutions to our clients, our attorneys also draw on the expertise of other practice groups inside the firm. We work with several renowned outside consultants in specialist psychiatry, counseling services, private investigation, as well as valuation and accounting consultants. Two of our attorneys are now members of the Law Society of Singapore’s Family Law Sub-Committee- they provide ongoing feedback and guidance on problems relevant to family law practice in Singapore.

Engage A Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

Whether you are a Singaporean or an expatriate residing here, our divorce lawyers will guide you through the legal processes each step of the way, regardless of if it is a separation, contested, or uncontested divorce. You can be guaranteed that your matter will be handled in a timely and cost-efficient manner. To get started, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today with a divorce attorney in Singapore to discuss your case.

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